Why I avoid Weekly Free Bet Clubs

A lot of the major bookmakers like Paddy Power, Bet Victor and Betway operate Weekly Free Bet Clubs where their customers can earn free bets and other bonuses for placing a certain number of bets during a week.

A good example of one of these weekly Free bet clubs would be Paddy’s Reward club from Paddy Power which will give you a free bet of €/£10 and an Odds Power Up if you place 5 bets of £/€10 or more on Sports, Lotteries, Virtuals.

On the surface, these offers like the Paddy’s Reward Club look like a great way to generate around €/£50-80 per week.

However, there are downsides to completing these offers on a regular basis as I believe many of these offers can lead to an increased chance of being gubbed and others just aren’t worth the time and effort required to get them.

Why I avoid Weekly Free Bet Clubs

Reasons why you should avoid Weekly Free Bet Clubs

Increased chance of being gubbed

In my opinion, if you are regularly completing a weekly bet club at a bookmaker then this increases your chances of being gubbed by the bookmaker.

Some of the weekly bet clubs make you jump through some hoops to get your free bet and I just don’t see a regular punter doing this week in week out.

That is why I think when bookmakers see an account doing the weekly free bet with all the bets close to the minimum odds then this will be a red flag to the bookmaker that you are a potential matched bettor.

Many Weekly Free Bet Club Offers are not worth it

Another downside to completing some of the free bet clubs is that the reward you get for completing them just isn’t worth the time and effort you have to put in to get it.

The majority of free bet clubs require you to place 5 – 10 bets with the expected value from completing some of the offers being as low as €/£2.00.

In my opinion, the reward at the end of it just isn’t worth the time and effort put into qualifying for the free bet.

Final Thoughts

If you are a new matched bettor then I don’t recommend you religiously complete all the weekly free bet clubs but there is no harm in opting into a free bet club at a bookmaker.

If your other matched betting activity qualifies you for the free bet that particular week then great but I wouldn’t deliberately place bets just to qualify for it.

If you are determined to complete the free bet clubs despite what I have said above then check out the Matched Betting Blog as they have a full list of bookmakers that have weekly free bet clubs.