Which Bookies Are Partner Friendly?

It isn’t too long into any matched bettors’ journey before they start thinking about the possibility of doubling their matched betting profits by getting their partner, wife, or significant other involved in matched betting.

This article will look at which bookies are partner friendly in 2022.

The idea sounds great in principle but many bookies are not as keen as you might be.

However, some bookies are better than others when it comes to your partner signing up for an account.

With this article, I hope to share my experiences with finding partner friendly bookies.

How to find partner friendly bookies

The first step to check whether a bookie like Bet365, Paddy Power, William Hill, or BoyleSports is a partner friendly bookie or not, is to check the terms and conditions on their sites.

You will be looking for a term or condition that prohibits more than one person from the same household from holding an account with the bookmaker.

Below is an example of what it will usually look like.

“Only one account per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, same payment account number, shared electronic device or shared IP can avail of the welcome offer”

If you find a term or condition like this then the bookie is not partner friendly and if your partner were to sign up for an account, you risk both your account and your partner’s account being closed and any winning confiscated.

If you can’t find any specific terms prohibiting your partner from signing up for an offer, that is a good sign but it doesn’t guarantee that you or your partner won’t have any issues.

If you are at all unsure, then the best option is to ask the bookmaker themselves on their live chat.

Tips to reduce the chance of getting gubbed

1. Be Patient

If you and your partner plan to sign up for the same bookie, make sure you leave sufficient time between your registrations.

If you and your partner sign up within a week or two of each other, this is likely to be a red flag to the bookie and the chance of both accounts being gubbed will increase.

2. Create a Separate Email Address for your Partner’s Matched Betting

Create a separate email address for your partner that is just for matched betting.

Not only will you be able to use the email address to sign up for bookmaker accounts but this will also help avoid your partner’s personal email being inundated with bookie emails about reload offers.

3. Use a Separate IP Address

An IP address is a unique address that identifies a device that is connected to the internet. If both you and your partner share an IP address, then bookies can easily identify this.

4. Use a Separate Internet connection/Device

Your partner should use a different device to do your matched betting e.g. their mobile phone or tablet and a separate internet connection e.g. their mobile data connection when browsing bookmaker sites.

5. Choose Different Bet Selections

You should avoid completing the exact same matched betting offers on the exact same match selections as your partner as this can be flagged at the bookie.

Also, don’t try to use the two accounts to cover all betting outcomes e.g. in a tennis match as this will be a fast track to being gubbed by the bookie.

List of Partner Friendly Bookies (based on my experience)

Below is a list of bookmakers that my partner and I have signed up with and claimed the sign-up offers without any issues. We also have continued to receive reload offers and my partner has not yet been gubbed on any of these accounts.

Please note that the below list is in no particular order.

BookieCommentsPartner Friendly?
BetfairUp to two individuals living at the same address can access offers without any restrictions.Yes
SkyBetAs we are based in Ireland, there was no welcome offer for SkyBet but both my partner and I continue to qualify for ongoing free bet offers and the weekly free bet club.Yes
William HillNo issues claiming the welcome bonus for both of us.Yes
LadbrokesAgain, no issues claiming the welcome bonus for both.Yes
BetFredWe were only able to claim the casino welcome offer as the sportsbook offer is for the UK only.Yes
BetVictorAgain, no issues claiming the welcome bonus for both.Yes
BoyleSportsAs BoyleSports is one of the better bookmakers in terms of reload offers, I would be extra careful when your partner is signing up for an account.Yes
Bet365As this is probably your most important bookie account for matched betting, I would be extra careful when your partner is signing up for an account.Yes
CoralAgain, no issues claiming the sign up bonus for both.Yes
Paddy PowerPaddy Power has a very straightforward welcome offer which we were both able to take advantage of.Yes

Please be aware that the above list is based on our own experiences and it is important that you do your own due diligence.

If in doubt, check with the bookie via live chat to see if you and your partner can avail of any offers.

I hope you enjoyed my article on partner friendly bookies. If you did then you may also be interested in our article on How to profit from Bet Builder Bets.