What Size Sports Trading Bank Should I Have?

What is a Sports Trading Bank?

A Sports Trading Bank is an amount of money you are willing to risk on your sports trading activity. This amount should never be more than you are willing to lose.

A Sports Trading Bank can be as big or small as you like with sports trading beginners having banks as small as €200 with some sports trading professionals having a bank of €20,000 or more.

Sports Trading Bank
What Size Sports Trading Bank Should I Have?

What Size Sports Trading Bank Should I Have?

This is a question that is often asked by beginner sports traders and unfortunately, there isn’t one generic answer that I can give you.

The size of your sports trading bank will depend on your level of experience and how much funds you are willing to risk on sports trading.

However, I compiled a list of things you should consider when deciding what size bank to use for your sports trading.

  1. Be prepared to lose your entire Sports Trading Bank
    Although no Sports Trader sets out to lose their entire bank, it can and has happened to plenty of sports trading beginners in the past.

    This is why when considering the size of the bank to use for sports trading, it is important that you consider how you would feel if you lost it all.

    If the thought of losing your bank makes you feel uneasy then lower your bank size to a level where if you lost it all, then you wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

  2. Beginners should stick to a smaller bank regardless of their means
    You might be in a position to risk €10,000 on sports trading and not lose any sleep if you lose it all, however, I would not recommend that a beginner use a bank of this size.

    Instead, you need to learn how to be consistently profitable using a smaller bank.

    If you are successful with your trading then you can consider scaling up your stakes.

  3. Stick to flat stakes
    I prefer to stick to flat stakes when placing trades and I don’t increase my stakes if I have a few winning trades in a row.

    Instead, I wait until my bank passes a certain threshold, and then I consider whether it makes sense to increase my stakes.

    Once you have been trading for a while, you will likely settle on a stake size that works for a particular strategy.

How much of your Sports Trading Bank should you risk on each trade?

Generally speaking, it is recommended that you never risk more than 1-2% of your bank on each trade.

If you keep to this principle it is unlikely that you will ever completely bust your bank.

The reason why so many beginners do end up busting their banks is that they don’t stick to the 1-2% rule and instead risk more of their banks in an attempt to win more on their trades.

How to build a Sports Trading Bank for Free?

A great way to build a sports trading bank for free is to take advantage of free bet sign up offers given by the bookies to attract new customers.

You can use a technique called matched betting to earn up to €/£500 from the many sign up offers available and around €/£250 a month from reload offers using matched betting.

If you already have a few bookie accounts then you might think that it isn’t worth doing but trust me when I say you probably haven’t come close to signing up with all the different bookies that are available.

If you are a complete beginner to sports trading, matched betting will also help you to get used to using Betfair and other betting exchanges, so it really is a no brainer.

Want more Information?

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