Tradeshark Tennis Review

Tradeshark Tennis is a Betfair Tennis Trading site that was developed by Paul Shires who is a well know tennis trader who has been Betfair trading since 2008.

The site offers a tennis trading guide for beginners as well as a daily email tips service that you can sign up for to get a detailed analysis of tennis matches being played that day.

Tradeshark Tennis

What Does Tradeshark Tennis offer?

Beginners Tennis Trading Guide

This is a low risk tennis trading course that is the core of the Tradeshark Tennis site.

It provides beginner tennis traders with a guide on how to make consistent daily profits from trading tennis matches on Betfair.

The beginner’s tennis trading guide gives you access to a portfolio of tennis trading strategies that Paul Shires and other successful tennis traders use to make a second income online.

You also get access to a number of articles on bank management, controlling losses, and lots more tennis trading tips.

Once you purchase the tennis trading guide, you also get access to the Tradeshark Tennis Telegram group where Paul and other tennis traders share their thoughts on tennis trading and matches being played.

Daily Tennis Tips Email

In my opinion, the daily tennis tips email service provided by Paul is the best part of the Tradeshark Tennis site.

Once you are signed up for the service you will receive a daily email each morning detailing the matches to be played that day.

Paul gives commentary on each of the matches as well as recommendations for strategies that you may be able to use.

The below video gives you an idea of what to expect if you sign up for the Daily Tennis Tips Email.

Tradeshark Tennis Blog

TennisShark Tennis also has a tennis blog that is 100% free.

Paul regularly posts predictions for ATP and WTA tournaments and his thoughts on upcoming big tennis matches.

Tradeshark Tennis Youtube Channel

The Tradeshark Tennis Youtube Channel has dozens of videos showing Paul trading various WTA and ATP tennis matches where you can see his approach to trading tennis.

Tennis Profits

Tennis Profits is a separate service that is being developed by Paul along with Steve Brown of Goal Profits and Matt Bisogno from

Tennis Profits is more focused on providing you with the statistics you need to properly analyse WTA and ATP Tennis matches.

How Much Does Tradeshark Tennis cost?

The Tennis Trading Guide costs £38.95 for lifetime access which includes access to any updates to the guide.

You also get access to the Betfair Tennis Trading Tips email service for free for 10 days so that you can give the email service a go.

Tradeshark Tennis is also currently offering a bundle offer where you can get the trading guide plus 2 months of tennis Trading Tips emails for £48.95.

If you just want to sign up for the tennis trading tips emails on their own, then the email service costs £20.00 a month which is less than £1 a day.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the Tradeshark Tennis trading guide is great value for money as it will give you the trading strategies you will need to be a successful tennis trader.

I have seen other tennis trading courses which provide you with less information but charge you nearly ten times more than the cost of the Tradeshark Tennis Guide.

Just remember that there is no course or website that will give you a tennis strategy that wins every time.

Instead, you should focus on increasing your trading knowledge and the Tradeshark Tennis trading guide is a cost effective way of doing this.