Top 5 Tips to Increase your Matched Betting Profits

This article will look at ways that you can use to increase your monthly matched betting profits.

Some will require a matched betting site to take advantage of but I will include a few tips for those people doing matched betting without a paid membership.

Top 5 Tips to Increase your Matched Betting Profits

1. Betting Exchange Commissions

One easy way to increase your matched betting profits is to make sure you are paying as little commission as possible at the main betting exchanges like Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook, and Betdaq.

You might think commissions don’t matter as they don’t amount to much on each individual bet but you would be amazed how quickly they build up over time e.g. if you had a 5% commission charge at a betting exchange, it would be quite easy to generate over €100 in commissions in a month if you are an active matched bettor.

Betfair CommissionsBetfair lets you choose between different rewards plans (see screenshot below) that come with different commission rates.

As a Matched Bettor, you should choose the Basic rewards plan so that you can benefit from the 2% commission level.

Betfair Reward Plans

Smarkets – You can currently get 0% commissions at Smarkets if you are a member of Profit Accumulator or one of the other top 3 matched betting sites.

For details on how to set this up on Profit Accumulator, check out our guide on the Smarkets 0% Commission deal.

MatchbookMatchbook is currently offering new customers a 0% commission for 30 days after you open an account with them.

Betdaq – Betdaq regularly offers customers 0% commission during the year.

This will usually be on a Saturday or for a big sporting event like they did for Euro 2020.

So it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the Betdaq website so you take advantage of these offers when they arise.

One word of caution about the 0% commission deals mentioned above, just because you aren’t paying any commissions, that doesn’t mean that you are always saving money.

For example, you will usually find that the lay odds at Betfair are 1 tick lower than at other betting exchanges, therefore you might end up with lower profits by using the exchange with the 0% commission deal depending on what odds you are using (see examples below).

Minimum Profit at Betfair: £0.70

Betting Calc 1

Minimum Profit at a betting exchange with 0% commission: £0.43

Betting Calc 2

As you can see from the above screenshots, you would make less profit from using the betting exchange with the lower commission rate.

Therefore, it is a good idea to check your bets in a matched betting calculator to ensure you are actually gaining from using the 0% commission deal.

2. Dutch more of your bets

Dutching your bets can be a great way to increase profits as you can use one dutch bet to qualify for multiple offers.

This can help to decrease your qualifying losses on matched betting offers.

It can also be a good way to generate some mug bets so you look less like a matched bettor to the bookie.

You may also find that you get more email only offers from the bookies.

For 2ups, It is also a good idea to check whether dutching a football match will give you a lower qualifying loss when compared to backing and laying one of the teams.

3. Make Money From Gubbed Accounts

Once matched bettors get that dreaded email from a bookie saying their account is gubbed, they often think that is the end of making money with the account.

However, you can often make a good profit from these accounts by using each way arbing, extra places and arbitrage betting.

You will eventually be stake limited by using these techniques but as you aren’t going to get any further free bet offers from the bookie, you might as well make hay while the sun shines.

4. Sign up to more Bookmakers

You may have done all the sign up offers a year or two ago but new bookmakers are launched every year so it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for any new bookie offers listed on your favourite matched bettings sites.

5. Take advantage of Best Odds Guaranteed Offers

If you have a choice of betting with a bookie with Best Odds Guaranteed (or “BOG”) on Horse Racing and one without it, then you should always opt for the bookie with Best Odds Guaranteed as this can lead to some extra profits when the odds of the horse you backed drifts out before the start of the race.

I have had plenty of BOG bonuses where I have earned an extra €25-30 in profits.