Tennis Profits Review

Tennis Profits is a new Tennis Trading Service that is being developed by Paul Shires from Trade Shark Tennis, Steve Brown of Goal Profits and Matt Bisogno from The service is led by Paul Shires who is a full-time tennis trader who has been helping beginner tennis traders for years through his Trade Shark Tennis website. I highly recommend his Beginners Tennis Trading Guide if you are interested in getting to grips with the basics of tennis trading.

The aim of the Tennis Profits service is to help its members make a second or full-time income from trading tennis. If you are totally new to tennis trading, then you can check out our guide on Tennis Trading Strategies which explains what tennis trading is and explains some of the basic strategies you can use to profit from the movement of odds in ATP and WTA tennis matches.

What does Tennis Profits offer?

Tennis Profits’ goal is to become a one stop shop for all your tennis trading needs that will appeal to both beginners and more advanced tennis traders. Below is a list of tools and resources you get access to once you sign up as a Tennis Profits member.

A Beginners Tennis Trading Course

The beginner’s tennis trading course explains the basics of tennis trading and provides a step by step guide to placing your first tennis trades.

Access to their Tennis Stats Database

The tennis stats database provides members with statistics for over 900 ATP and WTA Players and is probably the biggest reason more advanced tennis traders sign up for Tennis Profits. You can check on the YouTube video for a glimpse of what stats are provided for matches.

Access to a portfolio of Tennis Trading Strategies

Once you sign up as a Tennis Profits member, you will get access to the tennis trading strategies that Paul and other professional tennis traders use to profit from trading tennis matches online. Each strategy is explained clearly and in an easy to understand way.

Live chat room sessions with a professional Tennis Trader

Similar to the Goal Profits Chat Room, Paul frequently runs live chat room sessions where you can follow along as he trades a tennis match. This is great for beginners who may not yet have the confidence to enter trades themselves. Paul also has a YouTube channel for his TradeShark Tennis site where he occasionally broadcasts live streams of matches he is trading. The below video was from a match between Bouzkova v Konjuh that was played in the 2021 WTA San Jose tournament.

Access to the Tennis Profits Trading Community

As a member, you will also get access to the Tennis Profits trading community where you can get help and ask questions from other tennis traders and Paul himself.

How much does Tennis Profits Cost?

Tennis Profits have three different payment options for new members: Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. If you choose to pay monthly it will be £29 per month and if you choose quarterly it will be £69 per quarter. The yearly option costs £229 per year which if you compared it to paying 12 monthly payments of £29 would save you £119 over the course of a year.

Tennis Profits FAQs

What do I need to get started with Tennis Trading?

The only things you absolutely need are a trading bank of around £250 and a betting exchange account such as Betfair or Smarkets. If you don’t have a bank to trade with, then I would recommend you look into matched betting first so you can build a bank for your tennis trading.

Do Tennis Profits offer a free trial?

Currently, there is no free trial offered by Team Profits. This may change in the future so we will update the article if this changes in the future.

Do I need to know anything about Tennis to trade?

All you really need is a basic knowledge of the rules of tennis which is easily accessible for free on the internet. If you aren’t a tennis fan, then you might actually have an advantage over tennis fans who trade as you won’t have the same biases they have for certain players and you will be able to trade based purely on the stats.

Tennis Profits review