Should you Sign Up for A Sports Trading Course?

As Sports Trading on Betfair has become more and more popular over the years, Sports Trading Courses have started to pop up all over the place.

However, is it a good idea to sign up for one of these courses or are you better off doing your own research using free information available on the Internet?

This article will look at some tips on how to avoid a bad sports trading course so you don’t waste your hard earned money on a course that gives you very little value for your money.

I am not going to call out any bad Sports Trading Course in this article as it is not worth the hassle you get from fans of the Sports Trading Guru running the course.

However, if you use my tips below, hopefully, you will be able to evaluate these Sports Trading Courses yourself so you can avoid the bad ones.

Should you Sign Up for A Sports Trading Course
Should you Sign Up for A Sports Trading Course?

Tips to avoid a bad Sports Trading Course

Below are some red flags you should look out for when deciding whether to sign up for a sports trading course.

If the course has more than 1 of these red flags, then you should think twice before handing over your hard earned money.

No Proven Track Record of Sports Trading – The vast majority of sports trading gurus will not provide a track record of their trades so you can see what their monthly profits are from using their own strategies.

Unfortunately, often this is because they aren’t actually making money from trading their own strategies and instead they make their money by selling the course to people like you.

Rarely Show Red Screens – This is something I see quite often as you will see a sports trading guru post a big green when for example Man Utd comes from 2 goals behind to beat Atalanta in the Champions League but when they go 2 goals behind against Watford in the Premier League and end up losing 4-1, you don’t see any red screens showing a losing trade.

By not showing many (if any) red screens, they are making their followers think that sports trading is easy money and that it is easy to spot trading opportunities.

Fake Discounts – Many of these Betfair trading courses will offer special discounts when you sign up but often I find that this discount is offered to everyone all the time so is it really a discount.

Limit when you can Sign Up – This is an old marketing trick and works by taking advantage of People’s FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) by placing an arbitrary close date for you to sign up for the course.

They will usually have some poor excuse for doing this but as a sports trading course is a digital product, there is no real good reason to limit when people can sign up for the course.

Upselling – Many courses will try and upsell you to other products either when you are first signing up to a course or after you have joined.

These products may be worth it but you should really make sure that the initial course has helped you make money before you throw good money after bad.

I have also found that a lot of these Sports Trading Gurus, try and convince you that you are just one product or strategy away from being a successful sports trader.

However, often they are just looking to extract more money from you.

What to look for in a Good Sports Trading Course

Will Provide you with a Track Record of their Trades – This is my number one check when evaluating a course.

If they don’t provide some sort of track record then this is a big red flag for me.

Live Trades – I always think it is a good sign if a course provider is willing to put their neck on the line by trading live with their members.

Kevin Laverick and Steve Brown of Goal Profits do this with their members.

Sports Trading Tools – If I am to sign up for a course then I usually want to see some sort of sports trading tool that will help me get an edge with my trading as often most of the information on sports trading course videos can be found for free online.

Final Thoughts

If you were to ask me to give a one word answer to the question “Should you Sign Up for A Sports Trading Course?” then I would probably say No.

I just believe the vast majority of sports trading courses aren’t worth the money as most of the information contained in them can be found for free online if you put in the effort.

You may be thinking that they have some sort of super trading strategy that you can use to make easy sports trading profits on Betfair but trust me when I say that if they did, they wouldn’t be sharing it with 100s of people in a sports trading course as any edge the strategy might have would quickly disappear.

My recommendation to any sports trading beginners is to exhaust all the free information out there before considering signing up for a paid sports trading course.

Sites like Bet Angel Academy provide free Betfair trading courses and is a good starting point for those beginning their sports trading journey.

One other rule of thumb I would use is to never spend over €/£150 on a course, it just isn’t worth paying any more than that, when you are first starting out.