Smarkets 0% Commission

Smarkets are currently offering Profit Accumulator, Odds Monkey and Profit Maximiser members 0% commission on exchange bets they place on the Smarkets Betting Exchange up until the 31st of July 2022.

This offer has been extended many times in the past so it is likely that it will be again and I will update this article if I hear of any extension to the offer.

If you want to maximise your matched betting profits, then this 0% Commission deal is essential as you will often save enough in commissions to pay for your monthly matched betting membership.

For example, if you were to place exchange bets of €/£1,500 in a month then you would save €/£30 in commissions under the 0% commission Smarkets deal.

Key Terms to the Smarkets 0% Commission Offer

  • 0% commission offer will run until 31st July 2022 (the expiry date of this offer has been extended multiple times so it is likely to be extended again).
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with Skrill, Neteller, Trustly or PayPal deposits.
  • The Offer is open to Profit Accumulator/Odds Monkey/Profit Maximiser members.
  • To activate the offer, eligible members must place at least one integrated bet using the Oddsmatching tool after opting into the offer.
  • To keep the offer active, eligible members must place an integrated bet at least once every 30 days.
  • Once you qualify for the offer, all your bets at Smarkets will qualify for 0% commission, even those that are placed directly on the Smarkets website. Once you have activated the 0% commission deal, you can check the Trading Stats & Commission page on Smarkets to confirm that you are on the 0% commission rate.

How to get 0% Commission on Smarkets

The below example is for Profit Accumulator members but it is a very similar process for OddsMonkey and Profit Maximiser members.

Follow the below step by step instructions to get 0% commission on Smarkets using your Profit Accumulator account.

Step 1 – Sign Up with Profit Accumulator

If you are not currently a member of Profit Accumulator, you can click here to sign up for a Profit Accumulator account. You will need to be either a Platinum or Diamond member to avail of the Smarkets offer (Trial Members don’t currently have access to this offer).

Step 2 – Sign Up with Smarkets

If you don’t already have a Smarkets account, you will need to sign up for an account. Smarkets are currently offering new customers a €/£10 welcome bonus. For more details on how to qualify for this offer, check out our guide on the Smarkets Sign Up Offer. If you already have a Smarkets account, then you can skip this step.

Step 3 – Opt in to the offer

Once you have set up your Profit Accumulator and Smarkets Accounts, you will be able to opt in to the 0% Commission offer by entering your email address at the following address: Ensure the email address you enter matches the one you use for your Smarkets and Profit Accumulator accounts.

Step 4 – Link your Smarkets and Profit Accumulator Accounts

To link your Smarkets and Profit Accumulator Accounts, simply go to the Oddsmatching tool on Profit Accumulator and filter for the Smarkets exchange. Next, click on one of the small S icons next to the Smarkets Logo.

A new window will open and you will be asked to approve your Smarkets and Profit Accumulator accounts being linked (see screenshot below). You may also have to log in to your Smarkets account first.


If you are happy to give Profit Accumulator the above permissions on your Smarkets Account, then you can go ahead and click on the Approve button. Once you have done this, your Smarkets and Profit Accumulator accounts will be linked.

Step 5 – Place a Lay Bet on Smarkets using the Oddsmatching Tool

To activate the 0% commission on your Smarkets account, you need to place a lay bet on Smarkets using Profit Accumulator’s Oddsmatching tool.

To do this, simply go to the Oddsmatching tool on the Profit Accumulator website, then filter the results so only the Smarkets exchange is displayed. To place an integrated Lay Bet, click on the small S icon next to the Smarkets logo (see image below).

smarkets 2

A new window will open where you will be able to place an integrated lay bet with Smarkets to activate the 0% commission deal by clicking on the Lay The Bet button (see example below).

Smarkets - Calc (1)

You will need to complete step 5 once every 30 days to keep your 0% commission rate active with Smarkets. Otherwise, your 0% commission rate will expire and you will revert to paying the standard commission rate of 2%.