Profit Maximiser Review

Profit Maximiser was started by Mike Cruickshank and is one of the top 3 matched betting sites online.

Mike is well known in the matched betting community as he has developed a number of low risk betting systems such as Profit Maximiser, Each Way Sniper and EV Maximiser.

Walkthrough of Profit Maximiser Membership

Start Here

The start here section gives you a one page guide on how to use your Profit Maximiser Membership to get started on your matched betting journey.

You also get access to a spreadsheet that you can download to keep track of your matched betting activity.


The training section is a great resource for beginners and for more advanced matched bettors.

It covers the basics like placing qualifying and free bets and also more advanced techniques like casino offers and extra places.


Profit Maximiser Tools

Profit Maximiser’s Odds Software is an Odds Matcher that helps you find appropriate matches for your qualifying and free bets.

The software lets you filter by bookmaker, exchange, date, sport and min/max odds.

Using the Odds Software can save you a lot of time when you are looking for events to place your qualifying and free bets on.

Dutching Software

The Dutching Software helps you find sporting events that you can dutch rather than the standard back and lay method of matched betting.

You will often find arbitrage opportunities using this tool.

However, I would advise against using this for arbitrage if you are a matched betting beginner as it may flag you as a value bettor to the bookie.

Bet Log

The Bet Log is where all the bets you have saved via the Odds Software are recorded.

You also have the option of downloading all your bets in an excel or CSV file.

Mobile Software

This is a mobile friendly version of Profit Maximiser’s Odds Software.

It is great to use when you need a close match when you are out and about and you only have your mobile phone.

ACCA Matcher/ACCA Bet Finder

The ACCA Matcher and ACCA Bet Finder help you find ACCAs from the major bookmakers with a positive EV.

EV Simulator

You can use the EV Simulator to run millions of simulations to see if a casino offer has a positive EV.


Profit Maximiser Calculators

Matched Betting Calculator

The Profit Maximiser Matched Betting Calculator helps you to calculate how much you should lay at the betting exchange for your qualifying and free bets.

Odds Converter

This is a simple tool that helps you convert the fractional odds used by many bookmakers into decimal odds that are used by betting exchanges.

2 Up Calculator

This calculator helps you to calculate the qualifying losses on your 2ups and to calculate your in-play bet if the bookie has paid out early.

Each Way Arbing Calculator

You can use the Each Way Arbing Calculator to calculate your lay bets at the betting exchange for bad each way races.

Other Profit Maximiser Calculators

  • Extra Places Calculator
  • ACCA Calculator
  • Refund EV Calculator
  • Casino EV Simulator
  • Dutching Calculator


Bookmaker Offers

If you are new to matched betting then the bookies section is where you will spend most of your time as you make your way through the 40+ bookmaker offers on the Profit Maximiser site.


The Casino section has 20+ low risk casino offers that will give you a taste of what it is like to complete Positive EV Casino Offers.

Advanced Casino

The Advanced Casino section has 30+ medium and high risk casino offers that I wouldn’t recommend trying until you have completed all the bookmaker offers, the low risk casino offers and have around 12 months of experience with matched betting.


Profit Maximiser Calender

The calendar is probably my favourite section of the site as I like the way they present the offers.

It makes it really easy to go through all the reload offers available on a given day and is a real time saver.

Profit Maximiser and Smarkets 0% Commission

Smarkets are currently offering a deal for all Profit Maximiser members where you can get 0% commission up until the end of July 2022.

This can be a good cost saver (see example below), especially if you back and lay a large number of bets with Smarkets each month.

Amount of commissionable trades in a month:€1,500
Standard Smarkets Commission (2%):€30
Commission under Profit Accumulator/Smarkets offer:€0
Potential Savings:€30

How much does Profit Maximiser cost?

Profit Maximiser currently costs £97 + Vat per year.

You also have the option of trying out Profit Maximiser for 14 days if you sign up for a £1 trial.

If you are interested in joining Profit Maximiser, click on the button below to find out more.


For the price, Profit Maximiser offers excellent value for money as you get access to bookmakers and casinos in one account.

The only caveat I would give is that the site isn’t as polished as some of the other matched betting sites but Profit Maximiser has everything you need to start your matched betting journey.