Profit Accumulator Review

What is Profit Accumulator?

Profit Accumulator (or “PA”) is a matched betting service that was founded in 2014 by Sam Stoffel.

From the very beginning, the aim was to make matched betting more accessible to people who would never have even considered opening a betting account before.

To fulfill this aim, Profit Accumulator was built to simplify the whole process around matched betting and to educate people on the benefits of matched betting and advantage play casino offers.

Membership Options

Profit Accumulator Free Trial

Profit Accumulator offers a free trial for people who want to get a taste of what matched betting is like.

Using the free trial, you can make up to £40 by following their step by step guides for two of the more straightforward matched betting offers.

The free trial also includes tutorials that will teach you the basics of matched betting and betting exchanges.

There is no time limit to the free trial so you can revisit it anytime you want.

Profit Accumulator Platinum Membership

The platinum membership is probably the plan that the vast majority of beginners will go for as it is cheaper than the diamond membership and gives you access to 100 plus bookmaker offers, a suite of matched betting software tools (OddsMatching, Each Way catcher and lots more), the forum and the offers calendar that is updated with new free bets on a daily basis.

The only downside to this plan is that it does not include access to the casino software and bonuses as these are only accessible through the diamond membership.

The platinum membership costs £24.99 a month or £180 if you pay yearly. Paying yearly will save you £119.88 versus paying £24.99 for 12 months.

Profit Accumulator Diamond Membership

Profit Accumulator has a separate site focused on casino offers called Bonus Accumulator.

The diamond membership plan was recently introduced so that PA members could access all the casino offers provided on Bonus Accumulator in their PA account.

The Diamond Membership gives you access to everything in the platinum membership plan with the bonus of now having access to the casino software and 100 plus casino bonuses.

As you get more experienced with matched betting, you will find that more and more of your monthly profits will come from completing casino offers (Read our article on Casino Advantage Play for more details).

My own experience was that after about six months, I was completing more casino offers on a daily basis than I was completing sportsbook reload offers.

The Diamond membership costs £49.99 a month or £300 if you pay yearly. Paying yearly will save you £299.88 versus paying £49.99 per month for 12 months.

Walkthrough of Platinum and Diamond Memberships


The Dashboard is the first thing that will greet you when you login into your PA account. It presents all the main tools and features in a user-friendly way so you can get to them in one click.

You also have the option of customising your dashboard so for example if you don’t use the dutching software tool that often, you can choose to hide that tool from your dashboard.

Simply click on the “Customise dashboard” button near the top right of the dashboard and select or deselect the tools you want to be displayed on your dashboard.

Profit Accumulator Dashboard

The dashboard will also give you a summary of what offers you have completed and if you use the profit tracker on the site, then you will also get a summary of your profits for the day, for the current month and the previous month.

There is also a feature that allows you to set up push notifications on your mobile phone. This is a great feature to use as it helps you pounce on any good reload offers that get added to the PA Offer Calander.

Another great feature is the gubbed bookmakers filter.

This allows you to filter out any offers from bookmakers that you no longer receive free bet offers from a bookmaker who has gubbed you.

As I am from Ireland, It is also good for removing offers from bookies and casinos that do not accept sign ups from Ireland.

Profit Accumulator Features

Start here

The start here section is available to all members including free trial members.

It includes tutorials explaining the basics of matched betting and betting exchanges and also a step by step walkthrough of completing your first two matched betting offers with Coral and Betfred.

The guides detail how to place your qualifying and free bets so you can maximise your profits.

There is a video tutorial for each offer that walks you through the whole process.

The Coral and Betfred offers are some of the most straightforward free bet offers, so completing these offers is a good introduction for beginner matched bettors.

Profit Accumulator Start Here Page

Sportsbook Sign Up Offers

As a beginner, the Sportsbook sign up offers section will be where you spend most of your time.

At the time of writing this review, there was a total of 52 sign up offers from various different bookies.

The section is laid out well with more straightforward and easy offers at the top and more difficult offers at the bottom.

There are also tutorials dotted throughout the sign up offers that will help you maximise your profits such as getting zero per cent commission on your betting exchange accounts and tips on how to keep your bookie accounts healthy.

One feature that I like is that as you complete sign up offers and tutorials, you can click on the tick mark next to each one, to mark them as complete.

Once you do this, they will go into a completed folder and they won’t show up when you next load the sign up offers page.

Profit Accumulator Bookie Sign Up Offers

Casino Offers (Diamond Members Only)

The Casino Offers section is mainly for users with a diamond membership with platinum members only having access to an article introducing you to casino offers, an article on why you need to do Casino Offers and an article on what wagering is.

If you are a diamond plan member, then you will have access to comprehensive guides on how to take advantage of casino offers as well as guides on how to complete 100 plus casino sign up offers.

All the casino offers have a positive expected value and are split by risk level i.e. No Risk, Low Risk, Medium Risk and High Risk.

No Risk Casino Offers – These are offers from casinos that usually only involve you signing up for an account and maybe verifying your ID.

Once you have done this, you will be credited with the casino bonus (usually free spins).

The downside to these offers is that they usually come with very high wagering requirements e.g. any winning from free spins, has to be wagered 35 times.

Because of this, the probability of converting any bonus winnings into cash is very low.

However, as the offers don’t risk any of your own money, they can be good for beginners to get used to playing casino games and completing casino offers.

Low Risk Casino Offers – For low risk casino offers, you are usually required to deposit funds into your account and then wager a certain amount on a particular casino game e.g. slots or roulette.

Once you have completed the wagering requirement, you will be awarded your casino bonus.

If your casino bonus is used before your cash balance, then the offer is considered low risk.

Medium Risk Casino Offers – Casino offers will be considered a medium risk if they have one or more of the following characteristics: A high initial wagering requirement (€50+), a low Expected Value (or “EV”) compared with the wagering requirement e.g. EV of €0.50 and a wagering requirement of €50 and/or the offer requires you to play a high variance casino game.

High Risk Casino Offers – High Risk Casino Offers will usually involve very high wagering requirements on high variance casino games and are best avoided by beginners.

They will also likely use any cash balance in your account before they touch the bonus balance when you are attempting to meet the wagering requirements of the offer.

Therefore you will be risking the funds in your account when you are trying to convert your bonus funds into withdrawable cash.

Those who do attempt high risk casino offers, need to have a big bankroll and to expect long runs of losses with the odd big win.

I tend to only complete No Risk or Low Risk Casino Offers.

However, I did complete all the medium risk casino sign up offers as they had good EV but I now avoid completing medium risk reload offers as I find the EV is too low compared with how much you have to wager.

I have a rule that if the EV isn’t at least 5% of the wagering requirement, then I won’t complete the offer.

Profit Accumulator Casino Sign Up Offers

Reload Offers

Once you have completed all the sign up offers, the reload offers page will become your second home.

The reload offers section is updated daily and lists all the free bets and other promotions offered by the bookies to their existing customers.

Although reload offers will often not be as generous as the sign up offers, in my opinion, many are still worth doing and can add up to a tidy sum each month.

If you have a diamond membership you will also have access to casino reload offers on this page.

If you only have a platinum membership plan, you can choose to hide the casino offers by updating your setting on your “My Account” page.

Similar to the Sign Up Offers page, you can choose to filter the reload offers by difficulty, risk level and type.

You can also sort the reload offer so that the most profitable are shown first.

Profit Accumulator Reload Offers

Offers Calendar

The offers calendar gives you an overview of all the reload offers available on a particular day.

You also have the option of filtering the results by difficulty level, risk level and type.

The offers calendar is good for getting a quick overview of what offers are worth completing as you can filter the list so the biggest profits are shown at the top.

The offers calendar is great for flying through all the reload offers available on a particular day.

Profit Accumulator Offers calendar

Training Centre

The training centre is where all the different tutorials and guides from across the Profit Accumulator site are archived.

Although, you can go through all the guides in one go, for beginners I think it is better to wait until you encounter the tutorial or guide in its relevant section.

Training Centre
Training Centre

Profit Accumulator Matched Betting Software


Profit Accumulator’s Oddsmatching tool is great for quickly finding matches for your qualifying and free bets.

It also allows you to filter the results by sport, market type, bookmaker, betting exchange as well as by rating and minimum and maximum odds.

You can also filter the results by the time until the event.

I usually limit the timeframe to one day as in my opinion you shouldn’t be matched betting on an event that isn’t due to be played for a few days.

Another good feature of the Oddsmatching tool is the ability to save filters.

So for example I can create a filter to find potential Bet365 2ups by filtering by bookmaker (Bet365) and by Min/Max odds (1.4 – 5.0).

Profit Accumulator Oddsmatching Tool

Match Catcher

The Match Cather is a more advanced odds matcher that you will use mainly for horse racing.

The match catcher allows you to filter results by event type, betting exchange, bookmaker and/or individual horse race which helps those targeting horse racing refund offers.

The match catcher tool also allows you to set up an alert so that you will receive an email every time the tool finds odds that match your filters.

Profit Accumulator Match Catcher

ACCA Catcher

As you can probably guess from its name, the ACCA catcher helps you find ACCAs that you use to take advantage of ACCA sign up bonuses and ACCA refund offers offered by many of the bookies.

This is probably the tool I used the least on Profit Accumulator as I have never been a big fan of ACCA offers.

I think they aren’t worth the effort plus in my opinion, I think abuse of these offers can lead you to being gubbed faster.

Profit Accumulator ACCA Catcher


The Dutching tool is a great piece of software but for beginners, you are probably better off sticking to backing at a bookie and laying at an exchange until you gain more experience.

Once you are more comfortable with matched betting and you have built up a bit of a bank, you can try your hand at dutching.

For my free bets strategy, I use dutch betting for all my free bets under €5.

Dutching Tool
Dutching Tool

Each Way Catcher

The each way catcher is another tool that is probably best left to the more experienced matched bettor as it is not as straightforward as other matched betting offers.

The key to success with each way arbitrage bets is speed as the odds on horses can change very quickly and you might be looking at a loss if you don’t place your bets quickly enough.

My preference is to use the extra place matcher (see details below) as this gives me a better risk to reward when compared with placing each way arbitrage bets on regular races.

Each Way Catcher
Each Way Catcher

Extra Place Catcher

After Bet365’s 2up offer, extra places on horse races is probably the most popular way more experienced matched bettors use to increase their monthly profits.

It basically involves taking advantage of the difference between the number of each way places that are offered by a bookie and the number of each way places offered at Betfair and other betting exchanges.

If a bookie is offering to payout for the first 4 places and at the exchange, it is only 3 places then this will qualify as an extra place race.

If we back a horse each way at the bookie, then lay it to win and to place at the exchange, we will get a big win if the horse finishes in the extra place as the bookie will pay out for the place part of the bet and we will win both our lay bets at the exchange.

However, if the horse finishes in any other position, then we will have to accept the qualifying loss we had on our initial bets.

I wouldn’t recommend beginners to attempt this strategy until after they have completed all the sign up offers and are more comfortable placing bets on the exchange.

Even then, I would urge caution as you are not guaranteed to profit from this strategy.

Extra Place Catcher
Extra Place Catcher

Profit Tracker

The profit tracker allows you to keep track of all your matched betting activity which you can filter by month or by bookmaker.

There is also a balance sheet function that helps you keep track of your deposits and withdrawals from your various bookie accounts.

If I am being honest, this is not a tool I have used often.

I have always used my own matched betting spreadsheet to keep track of my matched betting but I think if I was starting all over again, I would definitely use an online profit tracker as it is much cleaner than using excel.

Matched Betting Profit Tracker

Matched Betting Calculators

As well as having the standard matched betting calculator, Profit Accumulator has a suite of other calculators that you can use including an early payout calculator for 2up offers, a dutching calculator, a blackjack calculator and many more.

Dutching Calculator

Forum and Support

As you can see from the below screenshot, Profit Accumulator have a very active Members forum where you can ask questions and discuss offers and matched betting strategies like extra places and Bet365 2ups opportunities.

I would also recommend checking out the “How to make £1000 a month!” thread which is updated regularly and has the aim of helping members (you guessed it) make £1,000 a month from matched betting.

In terms of support, I personally haven’t had to use it yet but you have the option of emailing, phoning or Facebook messaging the PA team if you have an issue.

Profit Accumulator Forum

Smarkets 0% Commission

Smarkets are currently offering a deal for all Profit Accumulator members where you can get zero per cent commission up until the end of 31st July 2022.

This can be a good cost saver (see example below), especially if you back and lay a large number of bets each month on Smarkets.

Amount of commissionable trades in a month:€1,500
Standard Smarkets Commission (2%):€30
Commission under Profit Accumulator/Smarkets offer:€0
Potential Savings: €30

How much does Profit Accumulator cost?

Profit Accumulator is currently offering a free trial where you can test out their matched betting service and earn up to £40.

Once you have completed your trial, you will have the option of signing up for a platinum or diamond plan (see price plans below).

Profit Accumulator PlansPremium PlanDiamond Plan
Monthly price£24.99£49.99
Yearly price£180.00£300.00

If you are interested in joining Profit Accumulator, click on the button below to find out more.

Profit Accumulator FAQ

Is Profit Accumulator legit?

Yes, Profit Accumulator is a legitimate business that is run by a UK registered company called Profit Accumulator Ltd. They also have an excellent rating of 4.8 on Trustpilot.

Does Profit Accumulator have an App?

You can download an app called Catapush to set up push notifications from Profit Accumulator to your mobile phone.

Is Profit Accumulator available in Ireland?

Yes, people from Ireland can sign up for an account. The majority of sign up offers are also available to residents from Ireland

Is Profit Accumulator worth it?

Having access to the match catcher, extra place catcher and having zero commission with Smarkets makes it worth it for me.

How much do you need to start matched betting?

I would recommend a starting bank of between €/£250 and €/£500 to get started. Also, don’t forget that you can sign up for the PA trial for free where you can earn up to £40.