OddsMonkey Review (Updated for 2022)

OddsMonkey is a matched betting service that was founded by Paul King in 2011.

Their aim is to simplify the whole matched betting process and for that purpose they have developed a suite of tools that makes it easy to make a side income online using matched betting.

If you are completely new to matched betting, I recommend that you read our guide on matched betting before reading this review.

When you have a better understanding of the basics of matched betting, you can come back and read this review.

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OddsMonkey Review

Review of OddsMonkey Tools and Features

OddsMonkey offers its members a wide range of matched betting tools and features to help them to maximise their profits from matched betting and I have summarised these below so that you can see what you get for your membership fee.

Welcome & Reload Offers

Offers – Tutorials

The tutorials section is available via both OddsMonkey’s free trial and premium accounts and is a step-by-step guide for beginners to learn the basics of matched betting and gives them a taste of what using OddsMonkey’s Odds Matcher is like.

There are seven tutorials in total, which will guide you through setting up betting exchange accounts with Betfair and Smarkets and also to complete welcome offers with SkyBet, Betfred, and Coral.

These welcome offers are very straightforward and are a good introduction to completing matched betting offers.

If you would like to try out these tutorials for yourself, you can click on the button below to sign up for OddsMonkey’s free trial.

Offers – New Account Offers

Once you have completed the beginner tutorials, you can visit the offers section of the site.

This section is split between new account offers, weekly bet clubs, and a daily offer calendar that highlights any reload offers available from the bookies listed on their site.

Beginners will want to concentrate on the new account offers page to begin with, so they can start making their way through all the welcome offers.

The welcome offers are also split by type e.g. Bet X Get X or Risk-free Bet.

It also states the level of difficulty of each offer (from easy to hard).

It is best to stick to easy offers until you get more experience in matched betting.

You can click on the “View Offer” button next to each offer to view a guide on how to complete each offer.

The guide will also highlight things you should look out for when completing the offer e.g. minimum odds or whether you should deposit more than the minimum required.

I also found it useful to click on the “discuss this offer” button in the guides, as you could see what issues (if any) other users had when they were completing the offer.

Offers – Weekly Bet Clubs

The weekly bet clubs section details the bet clubs that are offered by many bookies and provides you with information on how to complete each one of them.

Personally, I don’t really use these weekly bet clubs as I don’t believe the return you get is worth the effort of completing them.

The only club I complete on a regular basis is Sky Bet’s Bet €/£25, get €/£5 in free bets.

Weekly bet clubs where you have to place 5 x €/£10 in-play bets to get €/£10 in free bets, just aren’t worth it in my eyes.

Offers – Daily Offer Calendar

This is the section of the OddsMonkey website that I probably used the most.

The Daily Offer Calendar lists all the reload offers from bookies that are available for that day.

You can also filter the results by offer type (sports, casino, bingo, or general), skill (easy, medium, or high), or profit (guaranteed or potential profit).

You can also sort the offers to show the highest guaranteed/potential profit at the top of the page.

OddsMonkey also has a feature to hide offers from a bookie.

This is useful if you are no longer eligible to receive reload offers from a particular bookie or if a bookie doesn’t accept punters from your country.

Casino Hub

This section provides information on how to take advantage of no risk and low risk casino offers.

This is not matched betting and your profits are not guaranteed, therefore I would not recommend beginners attempt these offers until they have exhausted all the bookmaker welcome offers.

These offers work by calculating the expected value of a casino offer.

If the expected value is positive then users of this method would recommend that you complete the offer as over the long term, you would be expected to make a profit.

OddsMonkey has guides that walk you through the whole process and you can also check out our guide on casino matched betting.

Once you get used to the variance involved in casino offers, they can become a good additional source of income to your matched betting profits.

It also gives you a chance of hitting a big win every now and then.

My biggest win so far on a casino game was €800 which was a nice added bonus for me.

Training Guides

The training guides section of the OddsMonkey site provides a wide range of helpful guides and tutorials on everything matched betting related from a 2up early payout guide to top tips for newbie matched bettors and lots more.

There are also tutorial guides on how to use each of the different tools on the OddsMonkey site including the Oddsmatcher tool and the Each Way Matcher.


OddsMonkey Calculator

The OddsMonkey Calculator is a free matched betting calculator that has all the functionality you need to calculate the lay bets for your qualifying and free bets.

Other free calculators provided by OddsMonkey, include an Each Way Bet Calculator, an Accumulator Betting Calculator and a Dutching Calculator.

All these tools are free and are accessible without an OddsMonkey premium account.

OddsMonkey Odds Matcher

When you first start using OddsMonkey, the Odds Matcher will be the tool that you will use most often.

It allows you to quickly find the best odds from the bookies so that you can keep your qualifying losses as low as possible on your qualifying bets and maximise the return from your free bets.

You can also set alerts so that you can receive an email when a close match is available from a bookie.

This is especially useful for Bet 365’s 2up offer as reducing your qualifying losses is one of the keys to making the 2up strategy work.

You can check out our 2up Matched Betting guide, for more on how to profit from the 2up offer.

Oddsmonkey Extra Place Matcher

Along with Bet 365’s 2up offer, extra places is one of the best ways to profit from matched betting once you have exhausted all the welcome offers.

OddsMonkey has a tutorial on how to take advantage of extra place offers from the bookies, which explains how it works and what you need to do to be successful.

The Extra Place matcher is an essential tool in making the extra places strategy work and I would not recommend trying to do it manually.

ACCA Finder

There are a number of bookies that have welcome offers that require you to place accumulator bets to unlock your free bets.

Your free bet may also have to be placed on an accumulator bet.

Odds Monkey’s ACCA finder makes the whole process of finding an appropriate accumulator for these welcome offers much easier than if you had to do it manually.

Oddsmonkey Smarkets and Betfair Integration

OddsMonkey provides you with the option to integrate your Betfair and Smarkets betting exchange accounts with your OddsMonkey account.

By doing this, you are able to place lay bets via your OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher with one click.

This can be very useful as odds can change quickly and if you have to navigate to the relevant page on the betting exchange and manually place your bet, often you will find the odds have changed.

Smarkets are also currently offering a deal for all Odds Monkey members where you can get zero per cent commission.

This can be a good cost saver, especially if you back and lay a large number of bets with Smarkets each month.

How much does an OddsMonkey Account cost?

OddsMonkey is currently offering a free trial where you can test out their matched betting service and earn up to €/£63.

You don’t need any discount code or promo code to access the free trial, simply visit the OddsMonkey website and sign up for the free trial.

Once you have completed your trial, you will have the option of signing up for an OddsMonkey premium account.

There are two payment plans for a premium account. You can choose to pay £19.99 a month or £180 a year. You will save £59.88 by paying annually.

If you are interested in starting a free trial with OddsMonkey, click on the button below.

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