Matched Betting Secrets the Gurus Won’t Tell You

As matched betting sites like Profit Accumulator, Profit Maximiser and OddsMonkey have become more and more popular over the years and as each of these sites runs its own affiliate program, many matched bettors have signed up to these affiliate programs and started to promote these matched betting sites to new matched bettors.

However, often these matched bettors have only been matched betting themselves for less than a year so you need to take their advice with a pinch of salt.

Many of them will also have been gubbed by most of the major bookmakers, so they see referring people to matched betting sites as a way to continue making money from their matched betting knowledge.

This article will look at some of the top 5 things that these matched betting gurus often gloss over, as they are only interested in getting you to sign up with whatever matched betting service they are promoting.

Matched Betting Secrets the Gurus Won't Tell You
Matched Betting Secrets the Gurus Won’t Tell You

Top 5 Matched Betting Secrets the Gurus Won’t Tell You

1. You Don’t Need a Paid Matched Betting Service to do Matched Betting

The majority of matched betting sites and YouTube videos I have seen gloss over the fact that it is quite possible to do matched betting without the help of a paid matched betting service as Matched Betting is not a complex subject to get your head around.

There are also plenty of free matched betting sites out there where you can get a list of new customer offers and bookmaker reload offers that you can use for your matched betting such as Matched Betting Blog and Profit Rush.

As the Matched Betting Guru won’t get any commission from letting you know about these sites, they aren’t going to promote them on their website or YouTube video.

If you want to find out more about matched betting for free, then check out our DIY Matched Betting Guide.

2. You Don’t Need an Odds Finder Tool to do Matched Betting

Although it may take a bit longer to find close matches manually, it is definitely possible to find appropriate matches without using an Odds Finder Tool on one of the paid matched betting sites.

By using an Odds Finder tool, you also increase the risk that you may be identified as a matched bettor by the bookmaker as all the matched bettors are placing bets on a particular sporting event that has a close match in the odds finder tool.

If you are picking your own matches to bet on then you will be less likely to be flagged as a matched bettor.

You will also be less tempted to back a selection just because it is a close match on the odds finder tool.

If you are doing it manually, then you will be more likely to stick to high profile events e.g. premier league football matches.

Finding your own matches can be a pain at the start but it is definitely a skill that is well worth developing as you will be better able to stay under the radar at the bookies.

3. Doing 2ups, Extra Places and No Lay ACCAs is Gambling

One of the main selling points to new matched bettors is that matched betting is not gambling and while this is certainly true when it comes to the new customer offer and free bet reload offers, it isn’t true once you get to the stage where you are doing 2ups, Extra Places and No Lay ACCAs.

For example, if you are doing the Bet365 2up offer, then you are simple betting an amount (your qualifying loss) that the team you backed will go 2 nil up at some point during the game.

The same goes for Extra Places and No lay ACCAs where you are risking a small amount each time in the hope that you will be profitable over the long term.

Although these strategies are gambling with an edge, it is still gambling and this fact is often glossed over by most Matched Betting Gurus.

4. 2ups and Extra Places Are NOT an Never Ending Goldmine

2ups and Extra Places can be a great way to increase your monthly profits but often matched betting gurus sell these strategies as though you can easily make €/£1,000+ per month.

However, in reality, it’s not as easy as many of the matched betting gurus make it seem and you may have to stomach some long losing runs before you hit a winner.

If you target these offers on a consistent basis, then you will also eventually be gubbed by the bookmakers so it is definitely not something you can do to make a full time living.

Instead, you should just have the attitude of “Making Hay while the Sun shines” as although these offers won’t last forever, you can make the most of them while you remain ungubbed.

5. They Don’t Promote the Dutching Method as an Alternative to the Back and Lay Method

Many Matched Bettings Sites (both free and paid) don’t promote using the Dutching Method for Matched Betting as many have an affiliate relationship with one of the betting exchanges so they have an incentive to promote the back and lay method as they will earn commissions if they previously referred you to the betting exchange.

If you want to learn how you can use the Dutching Method for matched betting, then check our guide on how to do Matched Betting without Betting Exchanges and our Free Bets Strategy Guide.

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