Matched Betting in the US

Matched Betting in the US is a relatively new concept but as more and more states in the US allow residents to bet in person and by mobile, US bookmakers have started offering prospective customers some attractive free bet sign up bonuses.

These welcome offers can range from $10 to hundreds of dollars which gives US Matched Bettors the opportunity to lock in some big profits on these lucrative sign up bonuses.

Unfortunately, there are currently no betting exchanges in the US so there is no opportunity for US punters to lay their qualifying and free bets to lock in a profit on these promotions using a betting exchange.

This is unlikely to change in the near future as a betting exchange would have to set up a separate betting exchange in each state which would reduce the amount of liquidity in each exchange.

Below we will explain some of the alternatives that US matched bettors can use to take advantage of any bookmaker sign up bonus on offer.

Matched Betting Alternative for US Punters

As US punters can’t use a betting exchange to lock in profits on their free bets, they will need to use an alternative method called Dutching.

Dutching involves placing bets at multiple bookies so that all outcomes are covered e.g. if you were betting on a football match, you would place a bet on a home win at one bookie, a bet on the draw at another bookie and a bet on an away win with a third bookie.

To calculate how much to place on each bet, you can use a free Dutching calculator.

You can use Dutching for both your qualifying and free bets and you can get up to 70% of the value of your free bet converted into withdrawable cash.

Example of Dutching a Free Bet for US Punters

For the purposes of this example, we will use the free bet promotion offered by Unibet to residents of New Jersey as Unibet are currently offering 2 x $10 free bets when you sign up for an account with them.

In our example below, we will dutch one of the free bets using the NYCFC – Inter Miami CF soccer match that is due to be played on the 15th of August 2021.

Step by Step Guide to Dutching a Free Bet Offer

Step 1 – Find a match with appropriate odds from three different bookmakers

Before placing any bets, you should look for a match with odds that suit the Dutching strategy.

You can use a website like Odds Checker to find an appropriate soccer match.

You should look for matches where one team is favoured to win as we want to place the free bet on a selection that has medium to high odds.

In our example, NYCFC is the heavy favourite to win, therefore we will place our free bet on the draw as the odds are high enough to lock in a good profit from Dutching.

Step 2 – Input the odds into a Dutching Calculator

US Dutching Calculator

Once you have found a soccer match you want to dutch, you should input the odds into a Dutching Calculator to calculate the amounts you should place on each selection .i.e Home, Draw and Away.

Please ensure that the Dutching calculator you are using has the option to select the “bet type” as Free Bet.

When you select Free Bet as the Bet Type, you should enter the free bet amount as the stake (in this example $10).

You can ignore the £ signs in the calculator above as the amounts will be the same in $.

Next, you can enter the odds at the three different Bookies.

For this example, I got odds of +375 on the draw at Unibet, odds of +700 on an Inter Miami CF win at Caesars Sportsbook and odds of -250 on an NYCFC win at Bet365.

Step 3 – Check Profit/Loss in the Calculator

As you can see in the screenshot in step 2, if we place these three bets, we will lock in a profit of $6.02 regardless of the final result.

This is just over 60% of the value of the free bet and is the minimum amount you should accept.

You should aim to get 70% on average from your free bets.

Step 4 – Round up amounts to the nearest $

In the calculator above you will see the suggested stake amount on the Home and Away win is $4.69 and $26.79.

I would suggest rounding these amounts up to the nearest $ as a regular punter rarely bets with odd amounts like this.

Step 5 – Place your bets

Once you are happy with the % amount you will get from your free bet, you can then place your bets.

Just make sure, you do one last check to ensure none of the odds have changed since you last looked at them.

We put together a payout table that illustrates how you will profit regardless of the final result if you place the bets as per the Dutching calculator.

BookieNYCFC WinDrawInter Miami CF Win
Bet365+$10.71-$26.79 -$26.79
Unibet (Free Bet)+$0.00+$37.50+$0.00
Caesars Sportsbook-$4.69 -$4.69+$32.83
Profit/(Loss)+$6.02 +$6.02 +$6.04

I hope you found this article on Matched Betting in the US useful. If you have any comments or questions, please leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer them.