How to Use Live Stats to Trade Football

Although I would recommend that you watch football matches that you trade as much as possible, you can also trade based on the live stats alone using sites like FlashScore, Sofa Score or any other Football Stats Site.

This article will look at what stats I focus on for my trading and what stats I completely ignore.

How to Use Live Stats to Trade Football
How to Use Live Stats to Trade Football

Main Live Stats to Focus on for your Football Trading

Ball Possession

For ball possession, I am looking for a team to have at least 60% of the possession as this shows me that they are at least starting to dominate possession.

I rarely enter a trade based on the possession stat alone but if I see a team dominating possession and with shots on goal then I will be more likely to enter a trade.

If I see a match where one team has 60% or 70% of the possession but no shots on or off target then I will usually wait until there is at least some goal action before entering a trade.

Shots on Target

The Shots on Target is probably the number 1 stat I use when deciding whether I want to enter a trade or not as from my experience it is the best indicator that a goal is likely to be scored.

For shots on target, I like to see at least 2 shots on target in the first 15 minutes.

If I am thinking of entering a trade in the second half then I like to see that there were at least 4 shots on target in the first half.

This shows me that there was at least some goal action in the first half.

Shots off Target

For me, the Shots Off Target stat carries less weight than the shots on target stat as many shots off target are far from real goal chances.

I would give shots off target even less weight if I don’t have access to live video for the match.

If I see lots of shots off target in combination with some shots on target then I will be more likely to enter a trade.

Live Stats that I ignore for my Football Trading

Attacks/Dangerous Attacks

Attacks/Dangerous Attacks is one stat that I completely ignore for my football trading as I don’t believe gives you any real indication that a goal is going to be scored.

I also find that what the various football stats sites classify as an attack or a dangerous attack varies greatly.

Taking an example from two world cup qualifier matches that were played recently (Northern Ireland VS Italy and Israel VS the Faroe Islands), If you check the stats for both games can see that both matches had a similar number of dangerous attacks with the Northern Ireland Vs Italy match having 73 dangerous attacks and the Israel VS the Faroe Islands match having 75 dangerous attacks.

However, both matches had very different final scores with the Northern Ireland/Italy match ending 0-0 and the Israel/Faroe Islands match ending 3-2 to Israel.

Free Kicks/Corner Kicks

Although free kicks and corner kicks show that a team is putting their opponents under pressure, I have never used the number of free licks or corner kicks to make trading decisions.


Any stats related to passes, I tend to completely ignore as I don’t believe it is a good indicator of goals.

If you were to put any weight behind stats on passes then you would never bet against teams like Barcelona.

Final Thoughts

Using live stats can definitely help with your football trading but I want to emphasise that you will always be better off watching a live video of the match so I would not recommend that you trade football matches blindly based on the live stats.

Instead, you should use live stats in conjunction with watching the game live.