How to Profit from Gubbed Accounts

There are many ways that you can use to avoid being gubbed but the longer you are matched betting no more likely it is that at least some of your bookmaker accounts will be gubbed.

Even if you are gubbed at a bookmaker, that doesn’t mean your days of profiting from these accounts are over.

This article will look at some of the ways you can use to profit from gubbed accounts.

I would recommend concentrating on strategies 1-4 first if your account is only restricted from free bet offers and you aren’t stake restricted.

Strategies 5-8 can be profitable but come with an increased risk of being stake restricted by the bookmakers.

How to Profit from Gubbed Accounts
How to Profit from Gubbed Accounts

8 Ways to Profit from Gubbed Accounts

1. Low Risk Casino Offers

Many beginner matched bettors avoid casino offers as they can’t imagine how anyone can profit from online casino games that are designed to favour the casino/bookmaker.

However, casino offers can be a great way to profit on bookmaker accounts where you have been gubbed from the sportsbook as bookmakers are less likely to gub you from their casino games as they know they will always profit on casino games over the long term.

Matched Bettors can profit from casino offers by only completing offers that have a positive expected Value (or “EV”).

For more information on how you can take advantage of casino offers, check out our Casino Advantage Play Guide.

2. Each Way Arbing

Each Way Arbing involves taking advantage of a quirk in the way bookmakers in Ireland and the UK calculate their each way odds.

Bookmakers base their each way odds based on a fraction of the win odds (usually 1/4 or 1/5), which means the each way odds do not reflect the actual odds of that horse placing in the race.

As betting exchanges like Betfair base the each way odds on the actual probability that a horse will place, matched bettors can take advantage of the difference in the place odds at the bookmaker and the exchange to lock in a profit regardless of the result of the race.

You do this by backing a horse each way at the bookmaker, then laying the win and each way portion of your bet at a betting exchange.

Although it’s not impossible to find each way arbs yourself, it is so much easier if you use a paid matched tool like Profit Accumulator’s Each Way Catcher or the Each Way Sniper that comes with Mike Cruickshank’s Betting Mastermind Package.

Personally, I use the Each Way Sniper to find my Each Way Arbs and my each way no lay betting.

I just leave it running in a tab on my laptop, so I can hear any notifications for new each way arbs the Each Way Sniper software finds.

Each Way Arbing is probably my favourite way to profit from gubbed accounts.

If you want to learn more about it, then check out our Each Way Arbing Guide.

3. Each Way No Lay Betting

Each Way No Lay Betting uses the same exploit as the Each Way Arbing with the difference (you guessed it) you don’t lay your bookmaker each way bet at the bookmaker because you know that the odds on the place side of the bookmaker bet has value so over the long term you should profit from not laying your bets at the betting exchange.

One big advantage of this strategy is that you don’t have to place big each way bets at the bookmaker as you can start at much lower each way stakes.

I would recommend that most beginners should stick to 0.50 each way stakes until they get comfortable with the strategy.

I don’t have a guide on the site for Each Way No Lay Betting yet but I plan to in the near future.

In the meantime, I would recommend checking out the guides provided by theFIREstarter and Foxy Monkey.

4. Extra Places

Most bookmakers will still let you qualify for extra places even after they have gubbed your account.

However, I wouldn’t take this for granted and would keep my stakes low until I was sure the bookmaker was paying out for the extra place.

Extra Places can be especially profitable around big race meetings like Cheltenham and Royal Ascot.

My own strategy with Extra Places is to only place bets on a Saturday and during big racing festivals as I believe that this will make me look more like a mug punter.

If you are trying to hit extra places during the week then you are only increasing the chances that you will be stake restricted by the bookmaker.

If you want to learn more about profiting from extra places, then check out our Extra Places Matched Betting Guide.

5. Price Boosts

Whether you still qualify for price boosts once you are gubbed will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker.

If you do still qualify for price boosts, then they can be a good way of squeezing out some extra profits from your gubbed bookmaker account.

From my experience, if you target price boosts a lot then you will eventually be stake restricted which will make price boosts more or less useless to you.

Therefore, I would try and do strategies 1-4 above before going after price boosts because as soon as your bookmaker account is stake restricted to a few cents per bet, then it is pretty useless for matched betting.

6. Each Way Dutching Horse Races

This is a strategy that won’t be able to use every day as it will only work on certain horse races that have a low bookmaker overground.

You will usually find that these horse races occur on a Saturday or during a big racing festival when there is plenty of liquidity in the market.

Matched Bettors can profit from these races by each way dutching every horse in the race at different bookmakers so that whatever the result you can lock in a profit.

I use Mike Cruickshank’s Dutching Bounty (which is included in his Betting Mastermind package) to find opportunities to dutch horse races.

Below is a screenshot of a race I recently dutched where I was able to lock in a profit of €30.60 on the horse race.

Dutching Bounty
Dutching Bounty

An added bonus to dutching horse races is that you may get a best odds guaranteed bonus if the odds on the winning horse drifted after you placed your back bet at the bookmaker.

In the past, I have had best odds guaranteed bonuses of up to €30 which can be a nice added bonus.

7. Value Betting

Assuming that you haven’t been stake restricted on your gubbed bookmaker accounts, then value betting is an option you can use to extract some value from your gubbed accounts.

Value Betting usually involves using software to scan the odds offered by soft bookmakers who are slow to update their odds and compare them to the odds offered by hard bookmakers such as Pinnacle.

If the software finds odds that are higher than the hard bookmakers suggest they should be then the software will recommend that you place a back bet at the higher odds at the soft bookmaker.

If you consistently do this, then the theory is that you should be profitable over the long term.

I have to be honest and say, this is something I have not tried on my own accounts yet as when I look at cost of signing up for one of the Value Betting Services out there, it just puts me off doing it.

I could quite easily see myself struggling to make enough profit to cover the monthly fees.

I also think that value betting will quickly lead to your bookmaker account being stake restricted.

For me, there are easier and more cost effective ways to make money from my bookmaker accounts so I have no plans to try value betting any time soon but there are plenty of reviews online that suggest others have made good profits from these value betting services.

8. Arbitrage Betting

I have put arbitrage betting last in this list as in terms of avoiding being stake restricted at the bookmakers, this is the number one reason why you will be stake restricted at a bookie.

You may be able to place a few arbitrage bets with a soft bookmaker but it will only be a matter of time before they identify you as someone placing arbitrage bets.

I would only go for arbitrage bets once I had exhausted all other possibilities to make profits from an account. If I have an account not never sends me free bet offers, has few extra place offers and has poor odds on horse racing then I have nothing to lose and I will place arbitrage bets with bookies like this so I can extract as much profits from the account until they stake restrict me.