How to Match Bet ACCAs

This matched betting ACCA guide will show you how to match bet ACCAs also known as Accumulators or Multiple Bets.

Some bookmaker sign up and/or reload offers require you to place ACCA bets to qualify for a free bet or bonus, so it’s important to learn how to lay an ACCA at a betting exchange.

What is an Accumulator bet (or “ACCA”)?

An accumulator (or “ACCA”) bet is where you place a single bet on multiple events to occur e.g Man Utd, Man City, and Liverpool are all playing on Saturday in the Premier League so you place an accumulator bet that they will all win.

If that ends up happening then you win your accumulator bet but if just one team loses or draws then you will lose your bet.

The main attraction for regular punters to accumulator bets is that the odds on accumulator bets are usually higher than if you bet on each of your selections individually.

The more selections you have in your ACCA, the higher the odds will be and the greater your potential winnings will be. For example, one lucky bettor on Paddy Power won £206,262 on a £1 17-leg football accumulator back in 2015.

However, as Matched Bettors, we are not interested in these kinds of long-shot wins instead we want to take advantage of the many ACCA Sign Up Offers, ACCA Boosts, and ACCA Refund Offers provided by the bookies.

How to match bet ACCAs?

ACCAs are a great way to increase your matched betting profits but are often overlooked by beginner matched bettors as they are not as straightforward to complete as other matched betting offers such as Bet X, Get Y.

However, there is plenty of help and tools to make the process much easier, and is definitely worth the extra effort.

ACCA Sign Up Offers

A number of different bookies offer their sign up bonus in the form of a free ACCA Bet e.g. Bwin’s £20 Risk Free Acca welcome bonus.

Often with these offers, you will also have to place an ACCA as your qualifying bet.

To qualify for these offers, I would recommend using Profit Accumulator’s ACCA Catcher to find appropriate ACCAs for your qualifying and free bets.

This will save you a lot of time and you will be able to reduce the loss on your qualifying bets as much as possible.

To find ACCA Sign Up Offers, you can either search for them manually on Google or you can use a matched betting service like Profit Accumulator to cut down on your search time.

ACCA Boosts

Bookies like Paddy Power, William Hill, and Sky Bet regularly offer ACCA boosts where they boost the odds on a particular accumulator so that the accumulator odds are higher than if you were to lay the same accumulator at a betting exchange like Matchbook or Smarkets.

These kinds of boosts are very popular with matched bettors as it is very straightforward to lay the accumulator at a betting exchange to make a guaranteed profit.

You also have the option of underlaying the accumulator so you will have a bigger win if the accumulator wins and break even if the accumulator doesn’t win.

The best ACCA boosts will be promoted heavily on the big bookie websites and Matched Betting Services like Profit Accumulator will also include any ACCA boosts in their daily offer calendar.

ACCA Refund Offers

A number of different bookies like BetFred and BoyleSports have refund offers where you will be refunded your stake as a free bet if 1 selection in your accumulator lets you down. This is often referred to as ACCA Insurance (for obvious reasons).

Matched bettors can take advantage of these offers by laying their ACCA and profiting if the refund is triggered.

However, these offers if abused can lead you to be gubbed by the bookie.

That is why I would not recommend going for these offers too often.

How to match bet ACCAs on a betting exchange?

There are three main options when you want to match bet ACCAs which are 1. using Smarkets’ Lay Multiples Function, 2. using Matchbook’s Enhanced Specials, or 3. using Betfair’s ACCA Markets.

Laying ACCAs on Smarkets

Smarkets is my preferred option for laying ACCAs as I not only benefit from the zero per cent commission as a Profit Maximiser member but I also can lay any combination I like on Smarkets.

To lay an ACCA on Smarkets, you first have to add the back odds for all your selections into your Smarkets bet slip.

Once you have done this, a new multiples box will appear in your bet slip (See Example below).

As you want to lay the ACCA, you need to click on the sell button in the Multiples box of the bet slip.

When you do this, you will be given the odds that you can lay your chosen ACCA at.

Smarkets Lay ACCA Feature

As you can see in the above example, we could lay an accumulator of Man Utd, Man City, and Liverpool to win their opening 2021/2022 Premier League matches at odds of 3.9.

If we find a bookie that is offering higher odds than this, then we can lock in a profit.

Laying ACCAs on Matchbook

Unlike Smarkets, Matchbook only allows you to lay certain pre-built accumulators in the Enhanced Specials section of their website (see screenshot below).

However, this is rarely a problem as you will often find that the enhanced specials available to lay are the same as the ACCA boosts offered by the larger bookmakers.

Matchbook Enhanced Specials

To lay an ACCA on Matchbook, you simply navigate to the enhanced specials page on the website, click on the lay odds of your desired ACCA, enter your lay stake, then place your lay bet.

Laying ACCAs on Betfair

I rarely use Betfair to lay ACCAs as Betfair does not have a large selection of ACCA markets on its platform.

You will usually find ACCA markets on Betfair at the weekend when the big European football leagues are playing but even then there isn’t a huge selection to choose from.

The easiest way to find what ACCA markets are on Betfair is to use the Betfair search box to search for the word “ACCA”.

This will return a list of any ACCA markets available on Betfair.


ACCA offers can be a great way to increase your matched betting profits but I would urge caution if you plan to use them a lot as I believe overuse of accumulator offers can lead you to be gubbed.

I would also not recommend using no lay ACCAs as a way to generate profits as that is not matched betting as you are just gambling.

I hope you enjoyed our guide on how to match bet ACCAs. You may also be interested in our article on the top things matched betting gurus won’t tell you.