How to keep track of your matched betting?

You have a number of options when it comes to how to keep track of your matched betting activity.

You can create your own personal matched betting spreadsheet (this is what I did), you can use one of the many downloadable matched betting spreadsheets that are available to download from the internet or you can use the build-in profit tracker in the matched betting service of your choice.

How to keep track of your matched betting

  1. Create your own personal matched betting spreadsheet
    This is the option I went with as I found the matched betting spreadsheets available online when I started matched betting all the way back in 2007 to be over complicated and a pain to keep updated.

    My spreadsheet is pretty simple and includes only the information I need.

    I have broken my spreadsheet into the following tabs:

    Overview – This tab shows my balances at each of my bookie accounts and at my betting exchanges accounts. I also use this tab to keep track of my monthly matched betting profits.

    Bookies – This tab lists all my bookie accounts including my exchange accounts and details any deposits, withdrawals, any profit or loss from bets placed with this bookie. The profit and loss number is linked from the Bet Log tab.

    Bet Log – I use this tab to enter the details of every matched betting offer I do. I include information such as date, event name, back odds, lay odds, qualifying loss, bet type (qualifying or free bet), and final result.

    You will find that if you create your own spreadsheet it will evolve over time as you gain experience in matched betting and attempt new strategies. This option will definitely take the most time but in my opinion, it will be worth the effort.

  2. Use a downloadable matched betting spreadsheet
    A quick search on google will show you there is no shortage of spreadsheets that will help you keep track of your matched betting.

    Below is a list of some of the better ones I have found.

    Matched Betting Profit Tracker – This spreadsheet was developed by the people behind Team Profit. It is free to download from the Team Profit website. They also have a youtube video on how to use it.

    Betting Dad Spreadsheet – Ben from has made his matched betting spreadsheet available to download for free. It is nice and simple and isn’t over complicated with information or features you don’t need.

    Profit Accumulator Profit Tracking – Profit Accumulator has a profit tracking spreadsheet that members can download from the member’s forum. Just search the forum for the post called “Useful Spreadsheets”.

  3. Use the profit tracker in your matched betting service

    The majority of paid matched betting services offer an online profit tracking system for your matched betting activity.

    Although I don’t use it myself, I think if I was starting matched betting again, I would use it in favor of using a spreadsheet as it is super easy for you to keep a log of your bets as you can click on the store button in the matched betting calculator (see example below from the Profit Accumulator service) to record all your bets in one click.
Profit Tracker

Final Thoughts

Whatever option you go for, the main thing to take on board is the importance of keeping track of your matched betting activity each month.

This becomes increasingly important once you start getting involved in more advanced matched betting techniques such as 2ups, extra places, and casino advantage play offers.