How to Find Matched Betting Offers For Free

There are lots of paid matched betting sites out there but this article will look at how you can find matched betting offers for free.

If you are new to matched betting then make sure you check out our beginners matched betting guide that will walk you through step by step to completing your first matched betting offer.

How to Find Matched Betting Offers For Free

How to Find Matched Betting Sign Up Offers For Free

In my opinion, you don’t really need a paid matched betting site to find the best bookmaker sign up offers and welcome bonuses as there are a ton of free sites out there that advertise the best ones on offer.

Most of these free sites will have an affiliate relationship with the bookmaker so they will usually earn a commission on your losses at the bookmaker.

This is true for some of the free matched betting sites too so it is important to check the link before clicking any bookmaker links on their site as they may be hiding the affiliate link using a Link Cloaker.

A cloaked affiliate link will usually look like this: https://…

You can use a redirect checker to see where the link on the free site is redirected to and if you can see something like ref=Free Site Name then it is likely that the link is an affiliate link.

Once I find a welcome offer on one of these free sites, my strategy is to not click on the affiliate link on the site but instead I will google the bookmaker to see if I can find the offer on their promotions page.

If I can, I will sign up directly through the bookmaker’s website so that my account isn’t associated with any affiliate.

If you want to be extra sure, you can also clear your cookies before signing up.

I don’t have any evidence that having an affiliate associated with my account affects anything but if the bookmaker does not have to pay a commission on my losses then it is likely that they are going to look more favourably on my account.

For betting exchange accounts, I don’t mind if I have an affiliate associated with my account as their commission is based on the amount of commission I am generating rather than any losses.

Below is a list of the best free sites to bookmaker Sign Up and Welcome offers.

Best Free Sites to find Bookmaker Sign Up/Welcome Offers

Odds Checker

As well as being a great place to compare odds, Odds Checker also has a free bets & sign up offers page with info on over 45 bookmaker offers.

Visit Odds Checker

Matched Betting Blog

Matched Betting Blog has step by step guides to completing over 45 different bookmaker sign up offers and in my opinion, it is the best free matched betting website out there.

Visit Matched Betting Blog

Profit Rush

Profit Rush is another good free matched betting website that was started by Caan Berry and the guys behind GeeksToy.

Once you sign up for a free Profit Rush account, you will see their guides to completing a selection of bet X to Get Y, Risk-free and other free bet sign up offers.

Visit Profit Rush

You can also check out our page on Matched Betting Offers for New Customers where I have listed some of the best bookmaker sign up offers currently available.

Best Free Sites to find Bookmaker Reload Offers

Once you have gone through all the bookmaker sign up offers, you will find it pretty hard to miss any reload offers they are offering as they are pretty good at keeping their clients informed of any reload offers by email or text.

Therefore, it is important that you make sure that the bookmaker’s email is whitelisted with your email provider.

It is also a good idea to keep an eye on your spam folder to make sure bookmaker emails aren’t being sent there.

If you are still worried that you are missing out on bookmaker reload offers then the best free sites are Matched Betting Blog and Profit Rush.