How to Dutch Bet the Bet365 2up Offer

Most Matched Bettors back and lay their bets when doing the Bet365 2up Offer but many don’t realise they also have the option of dutching their bets.

By dutching your bets, you can use the two other bets to place mug bets at other bookmakers and/or place bets to qualify for other free bet promotions.

How to Dutch Bet the Bet365 2up Offer

How to Dutch Bet the Bet365 2up Offer

To illustrate how to dutch bet the Bet365 2up offer, we will use the EFL Cup match between Man Utd Vs West Ham.

At the time of writing this article, you could back Man Utd to win at Bet365 at Woods of 1.57.

I then used odds comparison sites like Odds Portal, Odds Checker and Oddspedia to find the best odds on the draw and the West Ham Win.

I will also check the odds available at the betting exchanges as I will often back the draw at a betting exchange as the odds will be better and regular punters are less likely to bet on the draw at a bookmaker.

Once you have found a match that you want to bet on, you can also use the Oddsmatching and Dutching tools on Profit Accumulator to find the best odds to use.

Once you have found the bookmaker odds you want to use, you can enter these odds into your favourite dutching calculator.

Below are the odds I was able to get for the Man Utd vs West Ham match (BetVictor had odds of 4.20 on the Draw and Smarkets had odds of 6.4 on a West Ham to win)

2up Dutching Calculator

As you can see from the Profit Accumulator dutching calculator above, we will have a qualifying loss of £4.92 if the 2up is not hit.

How to Exit your Dutch Bet when the 2up hits

If Man Utd goes 2 goals ahead, then we will have the opportunity to either lock in a profit or hope the other team makes a comeback and ends up drawing or winning the match.

Payout Table After 2up is paid out

ResultMan Utd WinDrawWest Ham Win
Bet365+57.00 +57.00+57.00

If we wait for a full turn around then we stand to gain €152.08.

However, this will not happen very frequently, so most people will trade out of this position either as soon as the 2up hits or when the other team pulls 1 goal back.

To illustrate how much you could lock in if you hedged your dutch bet when the 2up hit, we will assume that the odds on Man Utd will drop to 1.11 when they take a two-goal lead (these odds will greatly depend on when your team gets the two goals lead).

The earlier the 2up occurs in the match, the better the odds will be as the market will believe there is a sufficient amount of time left for the other team to make a comeback.

At odds of 1.11, we can hedge our original dutch bet by placing another back bet on Man Utd to win at another bookmaker or at a betting exchange.

To hedge our position, we could place an additional back bet of €141.43 on Man Utd to win which would result in us locking in a profit of €10.65 regardless of the result (see payout table below)

ResultMan Utd WinDrawWest Ham Win
Bet365+57.00 +57.00+57.00
Additional Back Bet on Man Utd+15.56(141.43)(141.43)

You can also choose to wait for the other team to pull a goal back before hedging your position.

If this happens, you will get higher odds on your additional back bet on Man Utd and you will be able to lock in a better profit.

However, you also run the risk of Man Utd taking a three-goal lead where you won’t be able to hedge your position for a profit as the odds on the Man Utd win has dropped too low.

I plan to create an excel dutching calculator that will help people to calculate how much they should bet to hedge their position.