How to do Matched Betting without Exchanges

A lot of new matched bettors think that matched betting without exchanges isn’t possible and the only way you can make a profit from matched betting is to lay your qualifying and free bets at a betting exchange like Betfair or Smarkets.

However, there is an alternative called dutching that you can use to cover all outcomes and lock in your matched betting profits.

Dutching has never been as popular as back and lay matched betting as it usually isn’t promoted very heavily by matched betting sites as they probably think the back and lay method is easier for new matched bettors to get their heads around.

This article will look at what dutching is, the advantages of dutching over using an exchange and provide you with a step by step guide on how to do Matched Betting without Exchanges using the BoyleSports welcome offer as an example.

How to do Matched Betting without Exchanges

What is Dutching?

Dutching involves placing back bets on more than one selection with multiple bookmakers so that you return the same profit or loss across all selections, regardless of the actual result.

This is similar to when you back and lay at a betting exchange, therefore matched bettors can use dutching to lock in profits on the free bet promotions offered by bookies.

Advantages of Dutching over using an exchange

  • No Commission – One of the obvious benefits of not using an exchange for matched betting is that you will avoid paying commission on your back and lay bets.

    Depending on the deal you have with the betting exchange, you may be paying as much as 5% commission on your bets.

  • Can qualify for multiple offers with one dutch bet – This is probably the biggest advantage of dutching as you use the dutch bet for one offer to qualify for another offer.

    For example, if you are dutching a football match for a free bet you obtained from one bookie, and you have placed your free bet on the draw then the bet you have to place on the home and away teams can potentially (depending on the odds available) become qualifying bets for offers from other bookmakers.

  • Good for generating mug bets with bookmakers – If you read my free bets strategy, then you know I dutch all my free bets worth €5 or less so that I can generate some mug bets.

    Depending on the odds, I can usually generate between €10 and €50 in mug bets from each free bet I dutch.

  • Can be used in countries where there is no exchange – Betting Exchanges aren’t currently available in certain countries with a prime example being the United States.

    So if you want to do matched betting in these countries then your only option is to use dutching.

  • Can be used when there is poor liquidity on the exchanges – When there is poor liquidity on the exchanges, you might find better value by dutching the market at the bookmakers.

  • Free 2ups – If you are dutching a major European football match and one of the bookies is Bet365 or Paddy Power then you have the opportunity of being able to take advantage of their 2up offers if the team you backed with Bet365 or PaddyPower go two goals up.

    As you were placing the dutch bet anyways, you are effectively getting on a 2up for free.

How to do Matched Betting without Exchanges

I will use BoyleSports’ welcome offer of Bet €10 and get €30 in free bets to illustrate how you can use dutching for your matched betting qualifying and free bets.

Key Terms of the BoyleSports Welcome Offer:

Deposit Required: €10

Wagering Required: €10 bet needs to be placed to qualify for free bets

Minimum Odds needed for Qualifying bet: 2.0 (or 1/1)

Qualifying Bets without Exchanges

To qualify for the €30 in free bets, we need to place a back bet at Boylesports at minimum odds of 2.0.

To find an appropriate match to dutch for the qualifying bet I use the Dutching tool on Profit Accumulator (see screenshot below).

If you don’t have access to this then I would recommend that you try to find a football match where one of the teams has odds near to the minimum odds of 2.0.

Blackburn vs Hull

I have selected the Blackburn Vs Hull match for my qualifying bet and I will use my accounts at Sky Bet and PaddyPower to dutch the match.

Next, I input the odds for each selection into the Profit Accumulator Dutching Calculator to work out how much I need to place on Hull to win at Sky Bet and the draw at Paddy Power (see screenshot below).

Dutching a Qualifying Bet

As you can see from the screenshot above, we can lock in a qualifying loss of €0.24 by placing the amounts suggested by the calculator above.

My strategy when dutching is to round the amounts down to the nearest €5 then place the remaining amount suggested by the calculator at a betting exchange.

However as this is an article about matched betting without exchanges, then another option would be to place the additional amounts suggested by the dutching calculator at a bookmaker that welcomes winners like SportsMarket or Vodds.

The Profit Accumulator Dutching Calculator also allows you to round the stakes to the nearest £1, £5 or £10 so you also have the option of playing around with this until you are happy with the potential qualifying losses.

Free Bets without Exchanges

Once your qualifying bets have settled and your €30 in free bets have been added to your account, the next step is to dutch your free bets so you can lock in a profit on the offer.

I used the Profit Accumulator Dutching tool again to find an appropriate match.

This time I am looking for selections where the odds at BoyleSports are between 6.0 and 10.0.

Using the dutching tool I found a match between Liverpool and Crystal Palace where the odds on the draw at Boylesports were 7.0 (see screenshot below).

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace Odds

Now that we have found an appropriate selection for our free bet, we can input the odds into the dutching calculator.

This time we select Free Bet (SNR) for the first selection so the calculator knows the first selection is a free bet.

Dutching Free Bets

As you can see from the calculator above, if we were to place the bets as suggested by the calculator, we would be able to lock in a profit of €25.41 on the free bets, which is nearly 85% of their value.

Taking into account our qualifying loss of €0.24, that means we would make a total of €/£25.17 from this welcome offer, which is slightly better than the expected value of €23 that is calculated by Profit Accumulator.

In the above example, you can see that you would need to place a back bet of €/£144 on Liverpool to win.

My strategy in cases like this would be to find two other bookmakers offering similar odds to this so I could split the stake between them i.e. €/£50 at two bookies with the remaining €/£44 at a third bookie.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this article on how to do matched betting without exchanges useful. You may also be interested in our article on alternatives to the back and lay matched betting method.