How to avoid being limited at bookmakers

Whether you are matched betting, value betting or arbitrage betting, it is important that you avoid being limited by the bookmaker for as long as possible.

This article will look at ways that you use to delay bookmakers limiting your account.

Limited by Bookmaker

How to avoid being limited at bookmakers

Bet Round Amounts

If you are constantly betting random amounts of money e.g. €15.52 or €74.23 then this is a red flag to the bookmaker that you may be an arbitrage or matched bettor and not a regular mug punter.

To avoid being flagged as an arbitrage or matched bettor, it is best to round up or down to the nearest €5 so that you will stand out less.

So for the examples above, I would round the first bet down to €15 and round the second bet up to €75.

You can always use a betting exchange to offset the amount you had to round but personally, I just use the rounded amounts unless they affect the profitability of the trade.

Mug bet

If you never place any mug bets on your bookmaker account and also place bets when there is an offer attached, or there is some value on the bet then it’s not going to be long before you find your account limited.

You should make it a priority that you place mug bets on a weekly basis that aren’t connected to any offer and are not value bets.

The way I place mug bets is by dutching all my free bets instead of just using a betting exchange to lay my free bets.

By doing this I am able to easily generate mug bets on a weekly basis at multiple bookmakers.

It also allows me to qualify for multiple offers using just one dutch bet.

You can read more about this strategy in my free bets strategy guide.

Don’t go for every Promotion or Offer

It is important that you don’t go for every free bet or bonus offered by the bookmaker as you will stand out like a sore thumb.

My own strategy is to avoid weekly bet clubs, low value free bet offers e.g. bet 5 x €10 to get a €5 free bet and most rollover bonus offers.

Even if a bookmaker has a good regular offer, it’s no harm to miss it every now and then.

Stick to Popular Sports and Leagues

This is especially important if you are an arbitrage bettor as you will often find lots of arbs in obscure sports and leagues from around the world.

If you are betting on these obscure sports and leagues then this is going to be a red flag to the bookmaker as it will be obvious that you are only placing the bet because it is an arb.

My own strategy is to stick to popular sports like tennis, soccer and horse racing.

For tennis, I stick to the main tournaments on the ATP and WTA tours, for soccer, the main European leagues and for horse racing, UK and Ireland races.

Limit the number of withdrawals from your bookmaker account

If you are a beginner then this tip will probably be the hardest to follow as you will need to withdraw funds from a bookmaker to use elsewhere.

However, once you get to the stage where you have a healthy sports trading bankroll then it is a good idea not to make withdrawals from your bookmaker account unless they have limited your account to the point that it is worthless.

This is also easier to execute if you use dutching a lot of your bets rather than using a betting exchange to lay your bets.