Top 10 tips on how to avoid being gubbed

A gubbing is where a bookmaker or casino has decided they are no longer going to provide you with free bets, free spins, or other promotions as they have identified your account as being one that is trying to take advantage of these promotions.

There are different levels of gubbing as sometimes you will just stop receiving free bets offers but you will still be able to place bets and benefit from Best Odds Guaranteed (or “BOG”) on horse races and odds boosts offered by the bookmaker.

More severe restrictions, remove BOG, restrict you from odds boost offers and stake limit your account so you can’t place bets over a €/£1 and you are effectively banned from placed bets with the bookmaker.

Once your account has been stake restricted and promotions (including extra places) are no longer available to you, then the account will be useless in terms of matched betting.

Gubbing is, unfortunately, a fact of life and there is no 100% way to avoid eventually being gubbed by a bookmaker.

The Sword of Damocles may be hanging over your bookmaker accounts but that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to minimise the risks of losing access to promotions on your accounts.

Top 10 tips on how to avoid being gubbed

10 tips on how to avoid being gubbed

1. Avoid taking Arbs

Never take an arb on your qualifying or free bets. You might get away with the odd arb here and there but if you are consistently placing arb bets, this will be a red flag to the bookmaker.

2. Place Mug Bets on a Regular Basis

Don’t just place bets that qualify you for a free bet with a bookie. You need to place mug bets as well.

My recommendation is to dutch most of your free bets, as this way you can create some mug bets while converting your free bet into cash.

This will usually reduce the amount you receive from your free bet but the mug bets will help keep your bookie accounts healthy for longer.

For more information on how to dutch your free bets, check out our free bets strategy guide.

3. Stick to Major Leagues and Sporting Events

Stick to major leagues and sporting events for all your bets and don’t bet on some obscure event just because it is a close match on an odds matcher e.g. if the bookmaker sees someone from Ireland or the UK betting on a Turkish lower league then this is likely to be flagged as unusual.

4. Limit your Withdrawals from your Bookmaker Accounts

Try and limit the number of withdrawals from your bookmaker accounts and only withdraw funds when you absolutely need to as it is more likely that your bookie account and your betting activity will be reviewed if you are making frequent withdrawals after your bets win at the bookie.

This might not be possible when you are starting out matched betting but will become easier to implement once your matched betting bank grows over time.

5. Don’t go for the Maximum Bonus/Free Bet every time

Don’t take the maximum amount available for every free bet offer e.g. If a bookie is offering up to €/£20 in free bets when you place a bet of the same value, you should sometimes go for a €/£10 free bet instead of the full €/£20.

6. Don’t go for every Promotion offered by a Bookie

Don’t attempt to complete every single promotion offered by a bookie. I always ask myself the question, If I was a mug bettor would I be bothered completing this offer? If the answer is no, then I don’t complete the offer.

An example of this kind of offer would be a bet 5 x €/£5, get a €/£5 free bet offer. I don’t think many mug punters would be bothered to place this many bets just to get a €/£5 free bet.

7. Place the odd Accumulator Bet

Place the odd accumulator bet as accumulator bets are very popular with mug bettors so this will help you appear more like an average mug bettor.

8. Don’t abuse Horse Racing Refund Offers

A lot of bookies offer a refund if your horse finishes second but I would recommend that you don’t abuse these horse racing refund offers as this can quickly get you gubbed by a bookie.

New matched bettors like this offer as they think they can use this on every race.

However, if you target these sorts of offers too often, you will be flagged as a matched bettor.

9. Try and look more like a Regular Mug Punter

When placing a free bet on a horse race, try and find a selection that you believe a mug bettor would select e.g. the horse was a winner last time out or they have won over the same distance before.

If you are placing your bets, purely because it is a close match, this will flag you as a matched bettor when your account is reviewed.

Using this method might take longer and may result in a lower return from your free bets but in the long term, it will be better for your account health.

10. Use Mobile Betting as much as possible

It is always a good idea to place some bets using your mobile as mobile betting is very popular with mug bettors, so betting on your mobile will help you appear more like a regular mug punter.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found these tips to avoid being gubbed useful but remember bookies are not idiots.

If you place 10 bets and 9 are for free bets and one is an accumulator, you are not going to fool them.

That is why it is important to do some mug betting on a regular basis to make yourself look more like an average mug punter.

If you do find that you have been gubbed by a bookmaker, that doesn’t mean your days of making money with that bookmaker is over.

Check out our article on how to profit from gubbed accounts for more details.