How Much Money Can You Make From Matched Betting?

I have seen a lot of articles on how much money you can make from Matched Betting but the majority of them are from five to ten years ago which is not that useful for someone just starting their matched betting journey in 2022.

This article will look at how much money you can realistically make matched betting in 2022.

How Much Money Can You Make From Matched Betting?

How much money can you make from Matched Betting Sign Up Offers in 2022?

If you look at a popular matched betting site like Profit Accumulator, they currently have 68 Sportsbook Sign Up Offers on their site.

If you were to sign up for all these bookmakers you could earn approximately £700 if you are able to get an average of 80% of the value from the free bets and bonuses on offer.

The above is for people based in the UK.

If you are from Ireland, you will earn slightly less as a number of bookmakers don’t accept customers from Ireland.

You should still be able to earn around €500 from the sign up offers available to Irish Customers.

If you are interested in signing up with Profit Accumulator, you can check out our Profit Accumulator Review where we detail what exactly you get as a premium member.

How much money can you make from Matched Betting Reload Offers in 2022?

Something that worries many new matched bettors is whether there is any money in matched betting once you have completed the signup offers.

Although it is definitely the honeymoon period of matched betting when you are completing the sign up offers, there is still money to be made once you have moved on to reload offers.

How much you make from the reload offers depends greatly on the amount of effort you put in and how aggressively you target the offers.

It also depends on whether you have been gubbed by any of the major bookmakers.

If you avoid making any stupid mistakes when signing up with the different bookies, then you shouldn’t be gubbed by any bookie after completing the sign up offers.

My own personal strategy is to aim for a minimum of €250 a month from reload offers.

I have had months where I have earned over €1,000 from matched betting but these months are not the norm and usually coincide with some big sporting event like Cheltenham or a World Cup.

If I make anything over my €250 monthly target, I am happy with that.

My main goal is account preservation as I want to be earning free bets from a bookie for years not just for a few months after opening an account.

This is in contrast to a lot of matched betting sites I see that take a more smash and grab approach to matched betting.

2ups and Extra Places

The above does not include the potential profit you can make from 2ups and extra place races which are popular betting strategies used by matched bettors when they are looking to increase their monthly profits.

The reason I haven’t included them is that they aren’t really matched betting and are in fact a form of low risk gambling.

If you aggressively target these offers then you will also find that you will eventually be gubbed by the bookmaker.

These offers are great for short term profits but will shorten the life of your accounts.

My strategy is to only use techniques such as Extra Places or Each Way Arbing when I am not getting any regular free bet promotions from the bookie.

My strategy for 2ups is to place enough €50-100 bets with Bet365 in a month so that I qualify for the Bet €50 get a €50 free in-play bet that Bet365 run occasionally throughout the football season.

Rather than lay the bets at a betting exchange, I dutch the bets so that I can place bets at other bookies to qualify for other promotions.

If my team goes 2 goals up then my own 2up matched betting strategy is to wait for the other team to get a goal back before cashing out.