Goal Profits Review

Goal Profits Review

Goal Profits is a sports trading service whose aim is to help its members generate a regular monthly income from sports trading using their trading strategies in combination with their team statistics software.

Goal Profits was started in 2011 by football traders Kevin Laverick and Steve Brown and since then has gone on to win many awards in the industry.

Goal Profits Awards

What do you get if you sign up for Goal Profits?

When you sign up for a Goal Profits subscription you get access to the following features:

Team Stats

Goal Profits Team Stats

You can use team stats to do your pre-match analysis quickly and easily.

When you click on a match in team stats, it will show you useful trading stats like the average number of goals scored and conceded by each team and how many matches the teams were involved in which at least one goal was scored in the second half.

These stats are great for sports traders who are using lay the draw strategies.

League Tables

Goal Profits League Tables

The League Tables feature on Goal Profits allows you to create custom league tables based on a number of different filters e.g. Over/Under 2.5 Goals, average goals per game, and many more.

Build Your Own Shortlist

Build Your Own Shortlist

The Build Your Own Shortlist is probably my favourite tool on Goal Profits as it allows you to filter the massive Goal Profit database for matches that suit your chosen strategy.

For example, you can filter the database so that it returns a list of matches where the probability of a first-half goal is greater than 80%.

Members of Goal Profits have created a number of shortlists that they share with fellow members.

These lists are a great starting point for beginners until they get used to creating their own shortlists.

This can also save you a lot of time if there are a lot of matches on.

Portfolio of Football Trading Strategies

Once you are signed up as a full member you will get access to 14 different football trading strategies that include five beginner trading strategies, six intermediate trading strategies, and four advanced trading strategies.

These football trading strategies have been developed and refined over the 10 years Goal Profits has existed.

Live Stats Module

The live stats module allows you to follow the stats of in-play matches and can be used to identify matches where there is a greater probability of a goal being scored.

Chat Room

The Chat Room is probably the most active part of the Goal Profits site as members share their thoughts on trading opportunities and post about successful trades.

Kevin and Steve also join the chatroom to trade live with the members a couple of times a week.

They will also post trades they have placed so that members can follow along, which is great for beginners.


Launchpad is Goal Profit’s training portal that guides beginners on the steps needed to become a successful sports trader.

It also includes guides on how to use the many Goal Profit tools and features such as the Live Stats Module, Custom Shortlist Pro, and Team Stats.

Launchpad is split into four sections: Trading Basics, Trading for Beginners, Intermediate Trading, and Advanced Trading.

If you are new to sports trading then it is best to stick to the Trading Basics and Trading for Beginners sections to begin with.

Community Forum

You also get access to the community forum where members discuss strategies and post results.

The community forum is good if you have questions in relation to any of the Goal Profit Trading Strategies.

Pre-Match Scalping Module

This module is only available to Goal Profit members with an annual subscription and helps you to find pre-match trading opportunities where you can make a profit before a football match even begins.

Pre-Match Scalping is a low risk way to make profits on Betfair with many traders using it as their main strategy to make money from sports trading.

Orbit and Annual Membership Perks

Orbit is an exclusive section of the Goal Profits site for anyone with an annual membership.

Annual Members also get access to the Team Stats Daily and Team Stats Archive files, and a guaranteed seat at Goal Profit’s free trading workshops.

How much does Goal Profits cost?

You have the option of paying monthly, quarterly, or annually for your subscription.

£39.95 per month

£99.95 per quarter (save £19.90 versus paying monthly)

£365.00 per year (save £114.40 versus paying monthly)

As you can see, you will save over £100 pounds in subscription fees if you pay annually versus paying on a monthly basis.

The annual option is popular as it works out at only £1 per day and gives you access to the Pre-Match Scalping Module.

If you are unsure which pricing option is best for you, I would recommend taking advantage of the £1 trial that gives you access for 7 days before you decide which pricing option to go with.

Pro & Cons of Goal Profits

Pro and Cons Goal Profits
Access to 14 successful football trading strategiesYou will need to devote a significant amount of time to trade football. as most matches will be at the weekend or in the evenings during the week. You need to have the flexibility to be able to trade at these times.
Access to the chatroom with professional traders trading liveYou need the patience to make sports trading work. This is not a get rich quick scheme, so you will need to gain knowledge and experience before you will be consistently profitable.
Excellent beginner tutorials in the launchpad to help you get startedYou will need good discipline when it comes to exiting losing trades as a common rookie mistake is to let your trades run in the hope that the match turns around for you.
Access to Live Stats Module to help identity in play trading opportunities
Access to Team Statistics to save time on pre match research.


Overall, I would highly recommend the Goal Profits service, especially if you are just starting out on your journey as a sports trader.

The launchpad tutorials are great for getting you up to speed and the opportunity to follow two pro traders in Kevin and Steve as they place their trades in the chatroom is invaluable.

Goal Profits is all about giving you the toolbox you need to become a successful sports trader.

If you are more experienced with Sports Trading, I would highly recommend both the live stats and team stats modules as they have drastically reduced my research time on matches.

In my opinion, they are worth the subscription fee on their own.

Goal Profits Review