Draw no Bet Explained

Draw no bet is mainly used on football matches but it can also be used on any sport where a draw result is possible e.g. Rugby or Gaelic Games.

However, football is by far the most popular to use draw no bet as the chances of a draw occurring is much higher than in other sports.

What does draw no bet mean?

Draw no bet is a type of sports bet that is mainly used in football (soccer) where you bet on either team to win but if the result ends in a draw, you get the money you initially staked back.

The main downside to Draw no Bet is that the odds on either team will be lower than they are on the 1X2 market as you are removing the risk of the game ending in a draw.

As you can see in the example below, the odds of Chelsea winning in the Draw No Bet market is 1.36 at Bet365 but if you were to back Chelsea in Bet365’s 1X2 markets you would get odds of 1.83.

How to bet on a Draw No Bet market

It is very straightforward to place a bet on a Draw No Bet Market as bookies such as Bet365, Betway, and William Hill have a draw no bet market on the vast majority of football matches being played.

To better illustrate how to bet on a draw no bet market, please see the below example of placing a bet on the Bet365 draw no bet market for the 2021 Uefa Super Cup match between 2020/2021 Champions League Winners Chelsea and 2020/2021 Europa League Winners Villarreal.

Step 1 – Go to Bet365.com

Go to the Bet365.com website.

Step 2 – Search for your chosen match

Use Bet365’s search function (click on the icon that looks like a magnifying glass) to find the match you are looking for. In this case, we are looking for the match between Chelsea and Villarreal. Click on View Event to go to the betting markets for the match.

Step 3 – Find the Draw No Bet Market

Scroll down the page until you get to the Draw No Bet market.

Step 4 – Place your bet

To place your bet, simply click on the team you wish to back (in the above example we selected Chelsea to win) and a Bet365 bet slip will pop up. Enter the amount you wish to stake on the bet, and then click on the green place bet button to place your bet.

If after 90 minutes Chelsea has won the match, then we will win our bet. If Villarreal wins, then we lose our stake and if it ends up as a draw then we get our stake back.

Payoff Table

Chelsea win in regular time+3.63
Villarreal wins in regular time-10.00
It is a draw at the end of regular time+0.00

How to create your own Draw No Bet on the 1X2 market?

More advanced punters also have the option of creating their own draw no bet on the 1X2 market by either using a betting exchange like Betfair or using multiple bookies.

It involves placing two bets, one on the team you think will win and the other on the draw.

You can use the below formula to work out the draw no bet odds if you use the 1X2 betting market.

If the odds are greater than the odds in the draw no bet market then it will be worthwhile using the 1X2 market for your bet.


We will use the Chelsea V Villarreal match again as an example.

Below are the best odds available on the 1X2 market.

Chelsea 1.97

Villarreal 4.60

Draw 3.60

Using the formula above we can work out that the odds available on a Chelsea/Draw No Bet is 1.42:

As you can see from the above calculation, the odds available on the 1X2 market are higher than the 1.36 used in our first example above.

Therefore, if you were to place a bet, you would be better off using the 1X2 market.

One thing to note would be that you shouldn’t place both bets at the same bookie. Instead, it would be better if you used 2 different bookies or a betting exchange to place your bets.

How to Calculate your Stakes

You can use the below formulas to work out how much you should stake on your chosen team and on the draw.

Using the Chelsea v Villareal example again, we can calculate the stakes we would need to place to have a max risk of €10 on our bet.

Stake amount for the draw: (€10/3.60) = €2.78

Stake amount on Chelsea: (€10-€2.78) = €7.22

Payoff Table

Chelsea win in regular time+4.22
Villarreal win in regular time-10.00
It is a draw at the end of regular time+0.01

If you are using a betting exchange like Smarkets or Betfair then remember you will need to factor in any commission you will need to pay on your exchange bets into your calculations.