Dobbing Strategy Guide

What is Dobbing?

Dobbing is a strategy that is used on horse races and involves placing a back bet on a horse before the start of a race, then placing a lay bet at odds that 50% below the odds you backed the horse at.

If your lay bet is matched, then you will be locking a 100% return on your back stake. If your lay bet isn’t matched then you will lose your entire back stake.

It is called Dobbing as you will either Double your money Or Lose your entire stake (Bust) .i.e Double or Bust or DOB.

To make a profit from this strategy, you need at least a 51% win ratio e.g. if you placed 100 €10 back bets and double your money on 51 of the horses and lost your stake on the other 49, you would end up with a profit of €10 ((50*€10)) – (49*€10)).

Dobbing Strategy Guide
Dobbing Strategy Guide

Dobbing Examples

Example of a Winning DOB Trade

The first example is from the 13:50 race at York on the 18th of August 2021.

Using Caan Berry’s Daily Shortlist to find a potential DOB Trade, I placed a €2.00 bet on El Astronaute at odds of 40.0.

DOB Trade 1 on Betfair

Once my back bet was matched, I placed a lay bet of €4.00 at odds of 20.0 so that I would make €2.00 (before commissions) if the lay bet was matched.

Within about 10 seconds of going in play my lay bet was matched as the horse was towards the front at the start of the race.

The horse’s odds even got as low as 14.5.

However, don’t expect all DOB trades to work out like this.

Sometimes they are as easy as this but don’t count on it every time.

DOB Winning Trade

Example of a Losing DOB Trade

The second example is from the 14:40 race at Carlisle on the 18th of August 2021.

Using the HedgerPro software, I identified a horse called Astrogem as a potential DOB trade as the predicted running style was a front runner and its average price drop over the last 12 races was 65%.

About an hour before the race, the horse’s odds were 14.0 so I placed a €2.00 bet on the horse to win.

Example Dob Trade

Once my back bet was matched, I placed a lay bet of €4.04 at odds of 7.0 so that I would make €2.04 (before commissions) if the lay bet was matched.

When the race went in play, the odds never dropped to the 7.0 level, therefore I had to accept the full loss of €2.00 on the trade.

DOB Losing Trade

As you can see from the two examples above, you need a greater than 50% win rate to be profitable with this strategy.

If you are only winning 50% of your trades you will make a loss after commissions.

How to find Horses to DOB?

There are a number of free sites and tools that can help you find horses suitable for the Dobbing Strategy.

When using these sites and tools, the main things to look out for are whether the horse has a proven track record of leading from the front and that their in-play odds have consistently dropped by at least 50%.

Time Form – You can use a free account with TimeForm to complete research on a horse that is a potential DOB trade.

For example, If we looked at the losing example trade on Astrogem, we see that you wouldn’t have had a successful DOB on this horse in the last four races.

Timeform Screenshot

Caan Berry’s Daily Shortlist – Caan Berry provides a daily shortlist of front runners that may be suitable for the Dobbing strategy but it is important to do further research on Timeform and other sites before placing your trades.

HedgerPro – Hedger Pro is a great free tool that can help in your selection of horses to DOB.

It gives you details in relation to the recent form of a horse, whether the horse likes to lead from the front and the average price drop per race the horse has run.

Dobbing on Hedger Pro

Dobbing Overview Cards from PatternForm – PatternForm provides registered users Race Cards with detailed DOB Stats for each horse.