DIY Matched Betting Guide

This DIY Matched Betting Guide will give you a step by step guide on how to complete matched betting offers for free without using a paid matched betting service.

How to learn the basics of Matched Betting for Free?

Learning the basics of Matched Betting for free is very easy as there is literally hundreds of websites (including our own Beginners Guide) that will teach you the basics and walk you through completing your first sign up offer.

I would also recommend the guide published by Matt at the Matched Betting Blog as it is a very detailed and well structured guide that explains the basics of Matched Betting to beginners in a simple and straightforward way.

Free Matched Betting Calculator

Now that you have grasped the basics of matched betting, the next thing you will need to do is find a matched betting calculator to help calculate your lay stakes at the betting exchanges.

The free matched betting calculator offered by Matched Betting Blog has all the functionality you will need to complete standard welcome and reload offers.

How to find Sign up and Reload Offers for free?

There are a number of free matched betting sites that you can use to find the majority of the bookie sign up offers for free.

By using a combination of the sites below, you should be able to capture most of the sign up offers available on the market.

In terms of reload offers, I have found the best free sites are the Matched Betting Blog and Profit Rush.

Free Matched Bettings Sites

Matched Betting Blog

The Matched Betting Blog is my number one recommendation if you want to try matched betting without using a paid service like Profit Accumulator, Profit Maximiser or OddsMonkey.

The Matched Betting Blog is run by a guy called Matt and the site has step by step guides to completing over 50 sign up offers as well as having detailed guides on how to take advantage of popular matched betting offers such as Bet365’s 2up early payout offer and bookie extra place offers.

Profit Rush

Profit Rush is a free matched betting service that was created by Caan Berry (a professional Betfair trader) and the people behind the popular Betfair trading software Geekstoy.

The service is 100% free to join and has guides for over 65+ welcome offers.

There is also an offers calendar that is updated with details of reload offers on a daily basis.

Team Profit

Team Profit is another popular service that has over 35k matched bettors in their Facebook Group.

The Team Profit site currently has guides on how to sign up for 37 different welcome offers and sign up bonuses.

They also have a reload offers page, that highlights a small selection of reload offers available from the bookies on their site.


OddsChecker isn’t a matched betting site per se but it does give you details on 45+ welcome offers from bookies in the UK and Ireland.

It also highlights some of the key terms and conditions of each of the offers.

Please be aware that the bookmaker links on this site will be affiliate links.

Things to look out for when using free Matched Betting Sites

Affiliate Links

Some but not all free matched betting sites will use bookmaker and/or betting exchange affiliate programs to monetise their websites

It is best to avoid clicking on bookmaker affiliate links as if it is on a matched betting website, you will be immediately identified as a matched bettor.

The strategy I use when I find a welcome or reload offer on one of these free sites is to google the name of the offer and then click on the search result that is from the bookmaker’s own website.

That way I avoid having my bookmaker or exchange account linked to an affiliate.

For example, if I was looking for the Bet365 welcome offer, I would google Bet365 welcome offer and then I would look for the search result that was from (see screenshot below) and visit the bookie that way.

Bet 365 Google Search

Outdated Information

It is important to read the terms and conditions for an offer on the website of the bookmaker or casino before completing it as the information on the free matched betting site may be outdated.

Direct Links to Bookmakers

I have seen many free matched betting sites that display the direct URL to the bookmaker rather than using a service like to hide the referrer information from the bookmaker site.

By not hiding the referrer information, the bookmaker will be able to see in their analytics that you came from a matched betting site and then signed up for an account with them.

On this site we always use to link out to external bookmaker sites but if you want to be extra careful, then when you see a bookmaker offer on our site, you can just google the name of the offer and visit the bookmaker that way.

How to place your qualifying bets without an odds matcher tool

The key thing to look out for when placing your qualifying bets is the minimum odds required by the bookie.

To reduce your qualifying losses as much as possible, you should look to place your qualifying bet at odds as close to the minimum odds as possible.

By doing this you will reduce the amount of liability needed in your betting exchange account and you should also reduce the qualifying loss on the difference between the back odds at the bookie and the lay odds at the betting exchange.

For example, the Bet365 welcome offer requires that you place a bet at minimum odds of 1.20 to obtain your free bet credits.

If we were able to get lay odds of 1.21 (one tick away) then our qualifying loss on a €/£50 bet would be €/£0.42 (assuming you have zero commission at the betting exchange).

If we were to place the same €/£50 at higher odds say 4.0 and layed them one tick away at 4.1, our qualifying loss would be €/£1.22.

Below are some other things you should consider when you are placing qualifying bets without an odds matcher tool.

  • Look to place your qualifying bets on high profile sporting events e.g. premier league matches as the spread between the back and lay odds are likely to be smaller than some obscure match in a smaller European league.
  • Try and leave placing your qualifying bets until just before the event is to be played as you will often get a tighter spread then.
  • Use sites such as Odds Checker, Odds Portal and Oddspedia to check whether the bookie is offering odds that are in line with other bookies. If you find that they are offering significantly worse odds than the average, then it might be better to look at another match to place your qualifying bet on.
  • Don’t ignore horse racing for your qualifying bets as you will have the added bonus of perhaps hitting a Best Odds Guaranteed (or “BOG”).
  • If you have multiple qualifying bets to place at the same time, then consider dutching a football match so that you can use one match to qualify for multiple offers.

How to place your free bets without an odds matcher tool

Similar to your qualifying bets, the key to getting the maximum value from your free bets is the odds you place your free bets on.

The higher the odds on your free bet, the greater the percentage of the free bet you will convert into cash.

When placing my free bets I usually try to get odds of between 5.0 and 9.0 and I try to keep the difference between the back and lay odds less than 1 e.g. if I back a horse at odds of 7.0, I would try to lay the horse at maximum odds of 7.8.

I have found that this is relatively easy to do so I will also look at the form of the horse to see if it is a horse a mug punter is likely to back.

If it is, then I will use my free bet on it, otherwise, I will look for something else to bet on.

This is detailed more in my article on my Free Bets Strategy.

Why you should consider signing up for a paid Matched Betting service

Although I think it is very possible to do matched betting without using a paid service, I still think there is merit to paying for one (especially if you are a beginner).

The below list are the main reasons why I think it is still worth signing up for a paid matched betting service.

  • Zero percent commission – This is the main reason that I have a paid membership as I am regularly doing 2ups and extra places. As long as you are turning over €/£1,500 or more in a month then you will save more in commission than a paid membership will cost you.
  • Time saver – Having a paid membership, definitely saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to visit multiple sites looking for what offers are available. It is also much faster to find a close match for any qualifying and free bets using an Oddsmatching tool.
  • Matched Betting without Free Bets – It is pretty easy to do matched betting when you first start but once you reach the point where you are matched betting without free bets, this is when you will find that you need the tools provided by the paid matched betting sites to do 2ups, extra places, each way arbing and other advanced matched betting techniques.
  • 2ups and extra places – I have found it much harder to manually find close matches for Bet365’s 2up offer and bookie extra place offers. It is much easier and quicker to use the matched betting tools on the paid sites.
  • Better for Beginners – Another plus point for the paid sites, is that they are great for beginners as they will basically hold your hand through the whole process and will highlight things to look out for e.g. minimum odds, whether you should deposit more than the minimum amount, etc…

Final Thoughts

I hope you found our DIY Matched Betting Guide useful and hope that you are successful regardless of whether you choose to go the free or paid route.