How to Create your own Bet365 2up Offer with Sports Trading

The Bet365 2up Offer is one of the best matched betting offers available to matched bettors.

The only problem with it is, that no matter what you do, you will eventually be gubbed by Bet365 if you target their 2up offer too much.

However, there is a way to create your own Bet365 2up offer with sports trading by using a betting exchange to lay teams that have taken a 2 goal lead in a match.

How to Create your own Bet365 2up Offer with Sports Trading
How to Create your own Bet365 2up Offer with Sports Trading

How to Create your own Bet365 2up Offer with Sports Trading

For this article, I am going to assume that you have a betting exchange account with one of the big 4 betting exchanges (Betfair, Smarkets, Betdaq or Matchbook).

Once you have a betting exchange account set up, the next step is to use a live score website (I use FlashScore) to keep track of any football being played on a particular day. Then it is just a matter of waiting until a team goes 2 nil up in one of the matches.

Once you find a match where one of the teams has gone 2-0 goals up, you will place a lay bet on the leading team.

As that team is 2 goals up in the match, their odds should be fairly low (below 1.50).

The amount you risk on the trade should be an amount that you are comfortable losing as you won’t win on every trade and like the regular 2up offer, you may have several losing trades in a row.

After you have placed your lay bet, you simply wait until there is another goal in the game.

If the losing team pulls one goal back then you have the option of either cashing out your trade or removing the liability on the trade.

I would not recommend cashing out of the trade at this point and instead, I would simply remove the liability.

If the losing team pulls another goal back to make it 2-2, then I would hedge my position so I have equal profits on each outcome.

If you aren’t as risk-averse as I am, then you also have the option of waiting until another goal is scored.

If the goal goes in your favour, you will be looking at a much bigger green screen.

However, the losing team won’t always make a comeback and sometimes the winning team will go 3-0 up so you will have to accept a loss on the trade.

If you keep your loss per trade as low as possible, then when you have a winning trade, it should wipe on any previous losing trades.

Advantages of this Strategy

  • Unlike Bet365, a betting exchange will not gub you for using this strategy. They make their money from commissions charged on your trades so they don’t care whether you win or lose.
  • If you are using the regular Bet365 2up offer, not every match you bet on will see your team going 2 nil up. Using this sports trading strategy, you will only enter trades where a team has gone 2 nil up so you will avoid some of the qualifying losses that you would build up using the regular Bet365 2up offer.
  • You can pick and choose which matches to enter a trade on e.g. if you are watching a match and you feel like there is no way the losing team is going to make a comeback then you can skip this trade and wait for a more appropriate match to enter a trade on.
  • You only need 1 goal from the losing team, to remove liability on the trade (this is assuming that the goal comes when there is plenty of time left in the match).

Disadvantages of this Strategy

  • The main disadvantage to using this strategy is that you can have long losing runs. However, this is no different from the regular Bet365 2up offer.
  • This strategy is very well known in the sports trading community so the lay odds available on the winning team once they go 2 goals up may be higher than they should be as many sports traders are entering the market at this point.

Tips to Make More Profits from this Strategy

Below are some tips that are based on my experience following this strategy.

  • Avoid matches where the pre match favourite has gone 2 goals up as they are less likely to let a 2 goal lead slip.
  • Look for matches where the two teams are evenly matched e.g. Barcelona Vs Real Madrid. I have found that in these sorts of matches, the losing team is more likely to at least pull 1 goal back.
  • Avoid matches with red cards (especially if the red card was for someone from the losing team). Even if the red card is for someone on the winning team, I would still avoid these matches as it is more likely that the winning team will sit on their 2 goal lead.
  • Look for matches where there have been two quick goals early in the first half. Matches like these are perfect for this strategy as the losing team has plenty of time to make a comeback.
  • Don’t risk more than 0.50% of your bank on each trade. I know most sports traders will want to risk more but this is what I use.
  • Look to lay teams at odds below 1.5. When a heavy pre match favourite goes 2 nil down in play, you may find the odds on the winning team is still above 1.5. This usually happens when the pre match favourite goes 2 nil down early in the first half and the market knows that there is plenty of time for the favourite to make a comeback so the odds reflect that. If you believe the odds are too high, you can hold off entering the trade until the odds drop to a reasonable level.
  • I only use this strategy when the scoreline is 2-0 for one of the teams. There is nothing stopping you from entering at different scorelines like 3-1 or 4-2 but from my experience, the 2-0 scoreline is the best entry point for this strategy.
  • My preference is to only use this strategy if a team goes 2 goals up in the first half as I want to give the losing team as much time as possible to make a comeback.
  • Check the in-play stats before using this strategy (I use FlashScore for this). You want to see evidence that the losing team has shown that they can get back into the match. Check things like the number of shots on target and the amount of possession they have had.
  • Look for matches where the goals have come against the run of play. You will sometimes see two goals being scored by a team but then when you check the in play stats, you see that the 2 goals scored were the only shots on goal for that team and the losing team is dominating possession and have more shots on target. These are all good signs that the losing team can make a comeback in the match.