Casino Advantage Play Guide

Casino Advantage Play involves using casino bonus offers to profit over the long term by playing casino games such as slots, blackjack, and roulette.

The Online Casino industry is highly competitive, so many casinos offer free spins and deposit bonuses to attract new players and to retain existing players.

A Casino Advantage Player will calculate the Expected Value (or “EV”) (see an explanation of EV below) of each of these offers and if the offer has a positive EV, they will complete the offer as they believe that over the long term they will be in profit.

The key to making a profit on casino offers is volume as the more offers that you complete, the more likely your profits will closely match the EV of the offers.

For example, if you were to complete 1,000 casino offers and the average EV was €/£2 per offer then after you had completed the 1000th casino offer, then you would expect your profits to be in and around €/£2,000.

This doesn’t mean that your profits will be exactly €/£2,000 after 1,000 offers as you could make substantially more than this or substantially less than this.

Due to the uncertainty involved in completing casino offers, many matched bettors are reluctant to start doing casino offers as one of the main reasons they would have got into matched betting in the first place was because there was no chance of losing money.

Just so there is no doubt in anyone’s mind, Casino Advantage Play is gambling so if you want to avoid risking any of your money, then you are probably better off avoiding casino offers.

My own experience with casino offers is that I am in overall profit from the casino offers I have completed to date so I think it is worth at least completing any low risk casino offers that you can find.

What is EV?

EV stands for Expected Value and for casino offers it is the average profit we expect to make each time we complete a particular casino offer.

The EV calculation takes into account the house edge, the bonus you will get, and any wagering requirements on the bonus.

The best way to understand the EV of a casino offer is to look at an example.

See below for a step by step guide for the EV Calculation of Betfair Casino’s daily “Deposit & Wager £10 – Get £2” Bonus.

Step 1: Open up your preferred EV calculator.

Personally, I use the EV calculator provided by Profit Accumulator but other matched betting sites have similar calculators.

Step 2: For this offer, you will get a £2 bonus when you wager £10 on qualifying games. Therefore, I selected the Bonus Money offer from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Next, I entered £10 as the stake in the initial wagering section of the calculator.

As I plan to use the Blue Wizard Slots Game to complete this offer, I enter the Return to Player (or “RTP”) percentage of that game.

To find the RTP percentage, I use Profit Accumulators’ Slots database.

The RTP for the Blue Wizard Slots Game is 96.50%.

You can also find the RTP by finding the game info page on the Betfair website, but I find it quicker and easier to use the slots database.

Step 4: Next I input the value of the bonus I will obtain once I have wagered the £10 i.e. £2.

I also input the number of times the bonus needs to be wagered before it will be released as cash.

For this offer, the wagering requirements are one times your bonus.

Step 5: Now that I have input all the required information, the EV calculator will provide me with the expected value for this offer.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the expected value is a positive £1.58.

Therefore if we completed this casino offer 100 times, we would expect to gain £158 on average.

However, this is not guaranteed as your actual results may be higher or lower than this.

The concept behind this casino strategy is that the more times you complete this offer the closer you will get to the expected value of this offer.

How to find casino offers with positive EV?

You can find casino offers manually by searching the web for any casino welcome or reload offers.

If you are a Profit Accumulator Diamond member, then you will have access to the Profit Accumulator Casino offers section of their service (see our Profit Accumulator Review for more details on this).

The Casino section of the Profit Accumulator Diamond Membership has a number of low or no risk casino welcome and reload offers with the expected values already calculated for you.

They also provide a guide on how to complete each offer with recommendations on what games to play, what stakes to use, and information on things to watch out for.

The Profit Accumulator Diamond Membership also gives you access to low, medium, and high risk casino offers.

If you are a beginner, I would recommend sticking with no risk or low risk casino offers until you are more comfortable with the whole process.

How much money can you make from Casino Advantage Play?

How much you make in any given month from casino offers, depends greatly on how many Casino offers you complete, the EV of the casino offers, and the amount of time and money you invest.

Profits are not guaranteed and if you complete medium or high risk casino offers, then you may go on long losing streaks before hitting a big win.

That is why it is better to stick to low risk casino offers to begin with as you will have more frequent small wins and you will be less likely to become discouraged after a long streak of losing offers.

I personally only complete no risk or low risk casino offers and over the years, it has provided me with some good profits in addition to my profits from matched betting.

My biggest individual win was €800 from a casino welcome bonus.

Another reason I complete casino offers is to be in with a small chance to win one of the big jackpots.

If I see an offer on a jackpot slot with a positive EV, I will always complete the offer as over the long term I should profit from the offer and I am giving myself a very small chance to win the jackpot.

Tips on how to maximise returns from casino offers

Use Minimum Stakes and Maximum Lines

Use minimum stakes and maximum lines when you are completing your initial wagering. This may result in you having to complete a lot of spins but it will be worth it in the long run.

Don’t be tempted to use higher stakes so that you can get through the initial wagering requirements quicker.

Consider setting up an auto clicker, so you don’t have to sit in front of your computer while the spins are running.

Check the Variance of the Slot Game

Before completing any offer, check to see whether the slot that you have to use for the offer is a low, medium, or high variance game.

You can use Profit Accumulator’s Slot Database to find this out. If you have a choice between two slot games that both have an RTP of 97% but one is high variance and the other is low variance, then my preference would be got with the low variance game.

Be Cautious with Medium or High Risk Offers

Only attempt medium or high risk offers if you are willing to accept the high variance involved. You can go on long losing streaks before hitting a winner.

Keep Track of the Casino Offers You Complete

Keep track of all the offers you complete. It is important to see if your profits are in line with the expected value of the offers you have completed.

I would create an excel that would keep track of the following: Type of offer completed, Expected Value of offer, Initial wagering required, profit/(loss) on initial wagering, bonus received, bonus wagering required, and profit/(loss) on offer after all wagering completed.

If you keep track of all of these, you will be able to see what offers are working for you and what offers you should stop completing.

Stick with Low Risk Casino Offers to Begin with

As a beginner, I would recommend only completing low risk casino offers where the initial wagering is less than €20 and the expected value is at least 5% of the initial wagering required. e.g. if the initial wagering is €20, then you would only complete the offer if the expected value was €1.00.