Best Sports Trading Software

You don’t necessarily need sports trading software to be a successful sports trader but depending on the type of trading strategies you use, it can be a useful tool in your sports trading arsenal.

If you are scalping horse races before the off, then sports trading software will be a necessity for you, however, if you are using more straightforward trading strategies like lay the draw then there isn’t much value in having sports trading software.

If you are thinking of purchasing sports trading software, then the main features you should look out for is One Click Betting, a Ladder Interface, and Advanced Charting.

It is also useful if the software includes a practice mode so that you can test out new trading strategies without risking any of your bank.

Best Sports Trading Software
Best Sports Trading Software

Top 5 Sports Trading Software

Bet Angel Professional

In my opinion, Bet Angel Professional is the most advanced sports trading software on the market and is the software I use myself.

Bet Angel was developed by Peter Webb who is a well know sports trader who has been trading on Betfair since it was first launched back in the early 2000s.

Bet Angel Professional features include One Click Betting, a Ladder Interface, One Click Cash-Out, and Advanced Charting.

It also comes with a practice mode that you use to test out trading strategies without risking any money.

Bet Angel Pro Users also get access to Soccer Mystic (A Soccer Match Predictor) and Tennis Trader (A Tennis Modelling Price Predictor).

Other advanced tools include the Guardian Automation tool which lets you automate your sports trading strategies so you don’t have to be sitting in from of a computer all day.

Bet Angel Pro has a number of different pricing options (see screenshot below) with the annual option providing the best value on a per month basis.

Bet Angel Cost

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Geeks Toy

Geeks Toy is popular with a lot of sports traders and is recommended by pro sports traders like Caan Berry and Paul Shires of Tradeshark Tennis.

Its popularity is due to fact that it is one of the fastest sports trading software applications out there and because its interface is highly customisable so sports traders can customise it to suit their needs.

Geekstoy provides the same basic features that you would expect with any sports trading software such as a ladder interface and one click greening as well more advanced features such as Dutching & bookmarking tools and advanced charting.

You can check out the video below for an overview of the main features Geekstoy offers its users.

Main Features in Geekstoy

Geekstoy is currently offering new users a 14 day trial if you want to give their software a go.

If you like what you see then you can sign up for £20 for 3 months of access or save £20 per year by signing up for the £60 annual package.

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Fairbot is another popular choice for sports traders which is recommended by the guys behind Goal Profits.

Fairbot has all the features you could want from a good sports trading software such as one click trading, a Greening Up function and stop loss feature.

Fairbot gives you the option of paying the software on a Monthly ($11.95), Quarterly ($29.95), Semi-Annual ($54.95) or Annual Basis ($99).

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BetTrader Evolution

I have included BetTrader Evolution as it is a good option to use if you are a MAC user. Bet Trader Evolution has the main sports trading features you need such as a ladder interface, fast price refreshes and a Training Mode.

When you Download BetTrader Evolution you will automatically receive a 14-day free trial of the full version.

Even when your free trial is over you will still be able to use a basic version of the software just with some of the pro features such as the ladder and training modes turned off.

If you want to sign up for the full version of the BetTrader Evolution software then it will cost you £9.99 per month or £99 per year.

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Bet Angel Basis

I thought I would include at least one free option for this article on the best sports trading software as I know many beginners may not have the budget to pay for more advanced software like Bet Angel Pro or Geekstoy.

In my opinion, the best free option is Bet Angel Basis which is free to download and provides you with basic features you need to trade such as one click betting, fast refresh rates, and a greening up function.

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Final Thoughts

As you can probably guess from the above, I would recommend that new sports traders either use Bet Angel or Geekstoy as I believe they have the best combination of features, user interface and price.

If you want the most advanced sports trading software then I would opt for Bet Angel but if you don’t think you will need features such as automation and/or you are on a budget then Geekstoy is a good alternative.