How to Automate your Sports Trading Strategies

Once they have found a successful sports trading strategy, many sports traders look for ways they can automate their strategy so they don’t have to sit at their computers all day.

Thankfully, there are plenty of automation services out there when it comes to automating your sports trading strategy.

This article will look at the benefits of automating your sports trading strategy as well look at a few of the options you have when choosing a software provider to automate your strategy.

How to Automate your Sports Trading Strategies
How to Automate your Sports Trading Strategies

Why you should Automate Your Sports Trading Strategies

The main benefits of automating your sports trading strategy are:

Trade More Matches – Even if you have found a winning football trading strategy, it can often be hard to trade as many matches as you may want as there may be multiple matches starting at the same time, which will make it difficult to keep track of them all.

By automating your strategy, you will be able to trade as many matches as you like, even if they are on at the same.

Run Multiple Strategies at the same time – If you are trading manually then often it can be difficult to trade multiple strategies on the same match as it is hard to keep track of everything especially when goals start to fly in.

Using automation software, you can run multiple strategies at the same time.

Free up your time – By automating some of the more mechanical strategies you may use, will free up your time so you can concentrate on strategies that require you to watch the event live.

You will also be able to free up some time so that you can do more of the things you want to do in the world outside trading and simply let the bots do all the hard work.

Increase your profits – A bot can help you to get better odds when you enter or exit your trade as the bot will usually be able to act quicker than if you were trading multiple markets manually.

Eliminates emotion from exit trades – One of the biggest advantages of using bots to place your trades is that once you have set the criteria of when you should exit a trade, that is it.

The bot will simply exit the trade when the criteria are met.

If you were trading the strategy manually, you may be tempted to let the trade run which over the long term will only lead to bigger losses.

How to Automate your Sports Trading Strategies

Below is a list of some of the options you have when it comes to automating your sports trading strategies.

Bet Angel Guardian Automation

Bet Angel Guardian Automation comes with the popular Bet Angel Pro sports trading software that was developed by Peter Webb, who is a well know sports trader in the industry.

Bet Angel Guardian lets you set up rules that you can use to pretty much automate any sort of Betfair trading strategy.

You also have the option of downloading some pre made automation files from the Bet Angel Forum.

Examples of automation files that you can download include one strategy to Lay the Draw & Green Up when a goal is scored and another strategy for backing the under 2.5 goals market.

Bet Angel Pro costs £29.99 per month with reduced prices if you pay for your membership in advance.

If you go for the annual option, it will work out at £12.50 per month.

You also have the option of signing up for a free 14 day trial so you can see whether you like the software or not.

Click here for more information on Bet Angel Pro

BF Bot Manager

BF Bot Manager is a popular bot management system that helps you to manage a portfolio of bots to trade on football, tennis, horse racing and other sports.

BF Bot Manager has separate versions for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook but most sports traders use the Betfair version as Betfair has the best liquidity and the shortest spreads.

Similar to Bet Angel Guardian, BF Bot Manager comes with some example bots that you can use before you input your own strategies e.g. a lay the draw bot and a horse racing scalping bot.

If you want to give BF Bot Manager a go then they are currently offering a 7 day free trial to try out their bot software.

The cost of the full version is £29.95 per month and you can save money by opting for the annual plan which works out at £10 per month.

Click here for more information on BF Bot Manager

Final Thoughts

There are many more options when it comes to automated betting but Bet Angel Guardian and BF Bot Manager are the only ones I would recommend using.

If you have a profitable Betfair trading strategy then I highly recommend that you find a way to automate it as it will take out all the emotion from the trade and will give you more time to do stuff outside the world of sports trading.