2up Matched Betting Tips

Many matched bettors blindly back and lay selections purely based on the odds but often this can lead to big qualifying losses before you eventually hit a 2up.

This article will look at some 2up Matched Betting Tips that will help reduce your qualifying losses and help you hit more 2ups.

2up Matched Betting Tips
2up Matched Betting Tips

2up Matched Betting Tips

1. Avoid Short Priced Favourites

I would consider any team that has odds below 1.50 to be a short priced favourite. Although these teams are more likely to take a 2 goal lead, they are also more likely to hold on to that lead and are less likely to concede a goal.

You will also find that the odds on the short priced favourite drop too low once they take a two goal lead so you won’t be able to cash out of your 2up straight away and instead you will have to hope the other team pull one goal back.

2. Look for Matches Between Evenly Matched Teams

In matches between evenly matched teams, you will find that there is a greater chance of the other team at least pulling a goal back.

This is especially true if the away team goes 2 goals up or if there are two goals in quick succession.

These matches will also have much better odds than you can back one of the teams with (usually between 2.0 and 3.5).

You are also more likely to be able to cash out if your team goes 2 goals up.

A good indication that the match is between two evenly matched teams is when the odds on the draw are higher than the odds for either team to win.

3. Do Pre Match Research

Before placing your bets, you should do some pre match research on the matches being played that day.

Below is a list of things you can use to make a shortlist of potential matches for your 2ups.

Check the pre match odds on the over 2.5 goals market for each match

If the odds on over 2.5 goals is over 2.0 then the market expects the match to have plenty of goals so it might be a good match to try for a 2up.

Conversely, if the odds on over 2.5 goals is less than 2.0 then the market doesn’t expect many goals to be scored in the match.

Check the recent form of the teams

If you have found a match that you think might be good to try for a 2up, you should look at the recent form of both teams.

At the very least look at the last 5 home and away games for each team.

Things you should look out for are the number of goals in their recent matches and if you find a lot of 0-0’s or low scoring matches then it might be best to pick another match for your 2up.

Below is a list of premium and free sites you can use for your pre match research:
Flash Score
Goal Profits Team Stats (premium service)
Soccer Way

4. Keep your Qualifying Losses as low as possible

You should aim to go for matches with a minimum rating of 97%.

This means you will have a maximum loss of €/£3 per €/£100 staked.

Keeping your qualifying losses low is the key to making the 2up offer profitable.

To find matches that have a minimum rating of 97%, you will need to be patient and be ready to act when an opportunity arises as odds at the bookmaker can quickly drop if they are close to the exchange odds.

5. Use an Odds Matcher to find close matches easier

Each of the big three matched betting sites have odds matchers that let you filter by the bookmaker and by odds.

You can check out our 2up matched betting guide to see what setting we recommend to use in these odds matchers so that you can find appropriate matches to use for 2ups.

It is also worth keeping an eye on these tools close to the start of matches as you can sometimes find close matches just before the start of a match.

I hope you found these 2up matched betting tips useful.

If you are new to Matched Betting and you want to learn more about 2up offers, then check out our 2up Matched Betting Guide.