2up Matched Betting Guide

This 2up Matched Betting Guide will explain what the 2up offer is and will provide you with a step by step guide to how you can take advantage of the offer to increase your monthly matched betting profits.

This guide will also provide some useful 2up matched betting tips so that you can maximise your return from 2up offers.

What is the 2up Matched Betting offer?

A number of bookmakers including Bet365 and Paddy Power have an ongoing 2up offer where if the team you back leads by two goals at any stage during a match, they will pay out your bet as a winner.

So if your team goes 2-0 up and the other team makes a comeback and makes it 2-2 by the time the full-time whistle goes, you will still win your bet at the bookie as they had paid out early as soon as your team took the 2-0 lead.

The Bet365 2up offer is by far the most popular offer used by matched bettors as Bet365 generally has better odds than Paddy Power and isn’t as quick to gub winning players.

The Bet365 2up offer also has no limit on the amount paid out whereas the Paddy Power 2up offer is capped at a max payout of £2,500.

There are other bookies that have a 2up promotion such as Betsson and Betsafe but they are not available to UK matched bettors.

If you are from Ireland, then you can sign up with Betsson and Betsafe to take advantage of their 2up early payout offer too.

I have found that it is much easier to find close odds matches with these bookies in comparison with Bet365 and Paddy Power.

These offers are usually restricted to the major European leagues such as the Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, and the Italian Serie A.

For matched bettors targeting this offer, you are better off sticking with the Premier League and the Championship.

How do you take advantage of this offer once your team goes 2 goals up?

Matched bettors can take advantage of these 2up offers by backing and laying a team to win before the match begins for a small qualifying loss.

You should look to keep your qualifying losses as low as possible as you can go on a long run of matches without hitting a 2up.

When a team you back go two goals up, we then have a number of different options:

Option 1 – Cash out straight away. As soon as your team goes two goals up, you will cash out your lay bet at the betting exchange.

The amount of profit you receive will depend on when your team goes two goals up and what the odds are for your team to win once this happens.

The higher the odds are for your team to win after they go 2-0 up, the more profit you will gain from this strategy.

The odds are more likely to be higher if the team you back goes up 2-0 up early in the match or if they are the underdogs.

This option results in the lowest return out of the three options but it will happen much more frequently than the two other options below.

Option 2 – Wait for the other team to reduce the deficit to one goal. If this happens, you will get much better odds at the exchange to cash out your bet.

However, using this method you run the risk, of the team you backed taking a 3 goal lead, which will reduce their odds to a level that will mean it is not worth cashing out your lay bet at the exchange.

Option 3 – Do nothing. With this option, we don’t place any additional back or lay bets once our team leads by two goals.

We simply hope that the other team makes a comeback and the full-time result is either a draw or the other team ends up winning.

If this happens, then we will win our bet at the bookie and we will also win our lay bet at the exchange.

This option if successful results in the highest payout possible using this strategy.

However, a full comeback will not occur very often which means you will have a long series of small qualifying losses with occasional big wins.

Out of the three options detailed above, I would recommend option 1 for beginners.

Once you have a few matches under your belt, you can consider using option 2 or 3.

How to find 2up matches with low qualifying losses?

I use Profit Accumulator’s Oddsmatching tool to find all my 2up matches but there are similar tools on the other matched betting sites.

Profit Accumulator has made it super easy to find matches that qualify for the 2up offer.

Simply click on the sign up offer + custom filter drop down box, and select one of the 2up filters.

There is a separate filter for each of the bookies that run a 2up offer including Bet365, Paddy Power, Betsson, Betsafe, and Star Sports.

Once you have selected one of the custom filters, a list of matches that qualify for the 2up offer will load (see example below).

Profit Accumulator 2up Finder
Profit Accumulator 2up Finder

You can also add your own filters to further filter the list of matches and I would recommend using the following additional filters:

Match rating: 98% to 100%

Back odds: 1.4 to 5.0 – Aim to get on odds between 2.0 and 4.0.

Minimum Liquidity: €/£50

Event Time: 2 days – It isn’t a good idea to place your back bet too far away from when the match is due to start. The closer to kick-off, you make your bet, the better.

Once you have added the above you may find that there are no matches that qualify.

I have found that you are more likely to get close matches closer to kick-off time and that is when I keep a close eye on the Oddsmatching tool.

When you get a qualifying match, you need to be very quick to lock in the odds at the bookie as any odds that are close to the betting exchange odds never last for long.

I would recommend having the bookie and exchange websites loaded on your computer so that you can place your bets as quickly as possible.

You should also have your matched betting calculator open so you can calculate how much you need to lay.

If you struggling to find appropriate 2up matches then you can also try the Profit Accumulator forum which has a thread where members post close matches they have found.

Again, speed is the key to getting on these matches and I would recommend that you set up your mobile so that you can receive alerts from this thread to your phone.

How do you do a 2up matched bet?

A 2up matched bet is very easy to put in place.

See below for an example bet that was placed on the Hungary V France Euro 2020 match.

Step 1 – Using the Profit Accumulator Oddsmatching Tool, I found a close match for the Euro 2020 match between Hungary and France.

You can also find matches manually by keeping an eye on the odds at the bookie and the exchange.

However, I have found it is quicker and much easier to use the OddsMatching tool to find matches with low qualifying losses.

Step 2 – Navigate to the bookie’s website (in this case Bet365) and place your back bet on France to win at odds of 1.4.

Step 3 – By clicking on the calculator icon on the OddsMatching tool, I can see how much I need to lay at the betting exchange.

My qualifying loss for this match will be 0.71.

As I have connected my Smarkets account with my Profit Maximiser account, I can place the appropriate lay bet by clicking on the lay the bet button.

You can also do this manually by going to the appropriate market on the Smarkets website.

However, I would recommend setting up your Smarkets and Betfair accounts on Profit Accumulator as this will save you time as odds can change quickly so it is important to place your bets as quickly as possible.

You can also benefit from the zero commission offer from Smarkets that is available to Profit Accumulator users.

Step 4 – Once my back and lay bets have been placed, I enter all my details in the early payout calculator available on the Profit Accumulator website (see screenshot below).

Early Payout Calculator

Step 5 – Next I load my Flash Score app on my mobile phone and set it to get alerts for the match. That way, I will get an alert when goals are scored.

Step 6 – If France goes two goals up, I will go back to the early payout calculator and select yes from the “Has the bookmaker paid out early?” box.

I will then enter the back odds for France available at the exchange.

The calculator will then let you know how much you need to place as a back bet on France. If France goes two goals up, then the odds on France would likely drop to around 1.05.

Therefore, a back bet of €/£66.67 would need to be placed to guarantee a profit of €/£2.63 regardless of the result.

Once you have placed your back bet, you will have locked in the profit for the match.

Profit Breakdown

In the actual match, France never went 2 goals up, so I was unable to lock in a profit so I had to accept the qualifying loss of £0.70.

This is what will happen a lot when you are completing 2ups.

The key is that when you finally hit a 2up, the profit you make on it will cancel out the qualifying losses you had on the previous losing trades you have had and leave you with a tidy profit overall.

How profitable are 2ups?

How much you can profit, depends greatly on the amount of 2ups bets you place as a 2up will not happen on every match.

It also depends on how much you stake at the bookie. The higher the stakes, the more you will profit when you have a successful 2up.

However, I would not recommend placing bets over €/£100 with the bookie as this may flag you as someone who is just trying to take advantage of the 2up offer.

Which bookmakers offer early payout on football?

Below is a list of bookies currently offering early payout on football to punters in the UK and Ireland

Bet365 – Bet365 are the main bookie people use for this offer, as their odds are generally better than the likes of Paddy Power.

Paddy Power – I would not recommend using Paddy power for this offer, as their odds are often not very good and also they are very quick to gub accounts.

Betsson – Quite easy to get 98% matches as odds are generally better than Bet365 but If you are from the UK you won’t qualify for this offer.

Betsafe – Has the same odds as Betsson but If you are from the UK you won’t qualify for this offer.

Novibet – Novibet is currently offering a ‘2 & Out’ offer on matches played in the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Champions League (group stage and beyond), Europa League (group stage and beyond) and the Greek Super League.

2up Matched Betting Tips

1. Minimise Qualifying Losses

Try and get your qualifying losses as low as possible when targeting any 2up Matched Betting Offers.

Personally, I will only go for 2up matches that have at least a 98% rating on the OddsMatching tool.

That means for every €100 I stake, My max qualifying loss will be €2.00.

2. Increase your Stakes Gradually

Do not go from betting €/£10 on matches to suddenly betting €/£100 plus on matches because you discovered this strategy, as this will be a red flag to the bookie.

Instead, slowly increase your stakes over time.

3. Don’t Overdo the Offer

Don’t overdo this 2up matched betting offer.

If you are placing bets on every premier league match on a Saturday then you soon will be identified by Bet365 as someone who is only interested in taking advantage of the 2up offer.

4. Stick to High Profile Leagues

Stick to the Premier League and Championship as much as you can.

If you are betting on obscure teams in La Liga or Serie A then this may increase the chance that you will be gubbed.

5. Consider Dutching Some Matches

Remember if you get good enough odds on the other two outcomes, you can also consider Dutching the match so that you are not only getting on a 2up but you are also creating mug bets at the other two bookies.

Final Thoughts

For more tips on how to maximise your profits from the 2up offer, check out our article on 2up matched betting tips.

You may also be interested in our articles on how to dutch bet the 2up offer and how to create your own 2up offer with sports trading.